Paula Newsome Walk; How Does She Walk Now?

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Paula Newsome is an actress who has been recognized for her variety of appearances over the years, including Women’s Murder Club, Guess Who, NCIS, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Things We Lost in the Fire. But her appearance on CSI: Vegas is one of her most well-known contemporary roles. Paula has a stellar career that speaks for itself, and she excels in each of her roles. But lately, Paula’s admirers have been worried about her health, namely her leg.

Paula Newsome: What’s Wrong with Her Legs?

Paula’s admirers think she may be dealing with a medical issue because they have observed her limping when she is not in one of her on-screen personas.

how does she walk now?

Viewers won’t detect Paula’s tiny limp in any CSI: Vegas episodes, even though she walks with it on red carpet appearances and other important events. The way the show is filmed prevents viewers from ever focusing on Paula’s stride.

The presence or absence of a limp is not mentioned for Paula Newsome. The CSI actress has been spotted by several online walking with what appears to be a limp. On the internet, there are several ideas and stories about her stroll.

It’s unclear, though, why she is moving in that manner. There isn’t a single news piece about her peculiar stroll. We searched her Instagram but were unable to locate any posts that might have further clarified the situation.

Her explanation for the limp is still unknown as of right now. Fans of CSI: Vegas can continue to keep an eye out for Paula in upcoming episodes as she hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her health in public.


Paula is doing great and in good health, as the most recent CSI: Vegas episode makes clear. The CSI: Vegas actress’s illness or condition has not been mentioned in any press reports. She has not released any such health reports to the general public.

When viewers noted her peculiar gait during the show, speculations about her well-being began. Her peculiar walk’s cause has not yet been revealed. It’s still unknown if she is performing for the event because of a medical ailment.

The character played by Maxime Roby talks about hurting his knee while playing basketball. Therefore, the likelihood that Newsome is acting while limping is quite high. Nonetheless, Paula’s peculiar walk might be the cause instead of a limp.

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