Top 10 Best Duo Bot in League of Legends


10. Jinx & Nami

Coming in at number 10 is the ever-popular jinx nami combo, taking advantage of Nami’s great support skills her buff to movement speed allows Jinx to evade ganks & escape from sticky situations much earlier on and without depending on items.

Nami’s also got a beautiful stun which allows for Jinx to rip through her opponents while tidecaller’s blessing just takes the cake in terms of buffing Jinx’s damage the slow on her boosted attacks will also ensure that jinx has the ability to chase down a wounded hero to add the icing on top her ability to heal only adds to the toolkit!

9. Ashe & Blitzcrank

Number 9 leaves us with a powerful duo-combo of Blitz crank and Ashe, the bread and butter of this pair being the Rocket Grab of course.

With a skilled blitz crank player it’s very easy for ashe to slaughter an opponent in a few moments as with her increased attack speed and blitz ability to take a champion that shouldn’t be at the frontline and put them next to ashe the damage you can deal is ridiculous.

8. Jinx & Blitzcrank

Jinx and blitz take all of the perks of the blitz crank ashe combo and turn them up to 13, jinx’s ability to deal burst DPS with her rocket launcher and punish enemies that poke out too far with her zap combined with Blitz cranks over bearing presence in the lane whooo weee.

It’s an unfair combo to fight against and you’ve probably been absolutely rocked by this pair before if you’ve played in bot lane long enough, Super Mega Death Rocket hooks are the most beautiful plays in league, I’ve seen a rocket that was 100% missing get saved by a blitz pulling an enemy into it more times than I think is even possible!

7.  Miss Fortune & Nautilus

Finally some new names!

Miss fortunes unparalleled speed combined with nautilus’s ability to just sit in lane tanking damage add up for great combo plays, Nautilus’s Dredge line is great for engaging and opening up a fight pulling all attention on himself.

A bad player will mistakenly focus nautilus while miss fortune picks them to bits from far, and by the time they realize it’s too late as the roots from big boy Nautilus will keep them from getting out of her auto-attack range.

6. Jinx & Brand

A much more devious combo, Jinx & Brand allows for an extremely aggressive lane against a weaker carry this will usually result in much easier opening kills.

Those few early fights you will want to force on the enemy to keep them on their toes and as soon as their health gets a bit to low the added DPS from a more aggressive support in lane will allow for quick kills ensuring you have a great lead in gold right out of the gate a fantastic team combo but difficult to master it’s worth a try if you like the champs though!

5. Jinx & Soraka

You might be starting to see a pattern here, indeed Jinx does take the crown for the most appearances in the top 10 list, her win rates with various supports are just disgusting the best, of course, being these two clocking in at 57.73% they’ve been dominating for a reason.

Soraka’s ability to disrupt and poke enemy heroes from afar makes her a favorite for sure as she compliments Jinx’s aggressive behavior nicely, with movement speed buffs and great heals and that juicy silencing root it’s no wonder these two dominate!

4. Ashe & Janna

The ability to just dump out damage in a short amount of time with her burst makes Ashe a great champion to pair with Janna.

Being supported by amazing buffs & that beautiful whirlwind ability of hers Ashe gets a significant boost in DPS from the bonus attack damage buff eye of the storm,  and of course with the eagle providing perfect vision it’s no wonder Janna pairs well as she can have a clear picture of the lane status and choose a proper vector of engagement to Tornado Cheese.

Janna’s ability to trade with her shield means she can poke safely while ashe farms too!

3. Jhin & Janna

While not as common as all the other champions this particular combo has a devastating damage output due to Jhin’s extreme burst damage.

The double root allows for guaranteed kills in the early game if used correctly while the two hero’s ultimates ensure any escapees are hunted down in earnest and taken of all the gold they have in their pockets! I would recommend this pair for anyone who is a huge fan of poke gameplay they both have great poking skills and can stay alive in lane at little longer than usual champs.

2. Miss Fortune & Leona

A pair designed to take advantage of raw damage boosts and Leona’s Sunlight ability can take Miss fortunes ability to dump the pain on the enemy champions and magnify it with the power of the sun.

It’s of course only made better by Leona’s great stun, nothing beats a basic attack that stuns for cheap mana and with bonus range, it’s no wonder once you’ve landed a zenith the enemy is usually going down for the count.

That ability to engage and then daybreak a fleeing enemy allow for easy clean up kills.

1. Ashe & Soraka

The greatest combo in all of league as of the time of writing, boasting a win rate of 60.73% they’re just a synergistic wonder team.

Ashe’s poking is top tier and when buffed by soraka she is essentially throwing trucks at the enemy with each of her shots.

A bit of disrupting and a silenced champion will go down like a hot knife through butter.

Then once ashe is farmed up with gold these two can easily clear dragon, contest jungle buffs and rip through an exposed tower in moments.

If you haven’t tried this combo I would give it a shot before it gets nerfed into the ground!

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