Top 10 Best Pushers in League of Legends


We all know that to win a game you need to destroy the enemy nexus, which means that you need first to destroy at least one lane’s turrets to reach the enemy nexus.

That’s why split pushing is a very important technique used mainly by top laners to get turrets and gold which leads to be stronger and crush the enemy nexus.

Also, you can see the top professional players in Worlds using this technique and it wins games.

Here we will discuss the top 10 best pushers in League of Legends:

10. Irelia

irelia best pusher league of legends

Irelia is a fighter that plays in Top and Mid lanes.

She is considered one of the strongest champions in League of Legends especially after her rework.

Irelia has her Q (BladeSurge) which allows her to last hit minions multiple times with resetting her Q cooldown.

That makes her able to shove a full wave in no time, which gives her a split pushing potential.

But her basic attacks on the turrets aren’t that strong, that’s why she came at the bottom of the list.

9. Zed

zed best pusher league of legends

Zed is an AD assassin who plays in Mid lane mostly (can play in Top lane sometimes, but not preferable).

Zed has a very strong laning phase against different mid laners, he has good engage and disengage mechanics.

What makes him on this list that his basic attacks are strong on turrets and he has a good wave clear.

But he is an assassin after all, which means that he isn’t made mainly for split pushing.

His main role is to one-shot the enemy ADC or APC. If he gets fed on early game, he could just finish the game even before 25 minutes!

8. Udyr

udyr best pusher league of legends

Udyr is a fighter who plays in Jungle and sometimes in Top lane. Udyr is a late-game champion.

His weakness that he isn’t that strong in the early game. He gets strong after some core items (Trinity Force – Rage blade .. etc).

He gets a massive attack speed which makes him able to destroy turrets quickly.

If you leave Udyr alone in the lane he may take all the lane’s turrets alone, so be careful!

7. Camille

camille best pusher league of legends

Camille is a fighter who plays in Top lane (Sometimes in Jungle but not preferable).

Her Q (Precision Control) can give strong hits on the turrets as the second Q gives true damage.

This Q alone can nearly take turrets down.

Also, her E helps her in engaging and disengaging and even running away from enemies when they come to defend their turret.

6. Ziggs

ziggs best pusher league of legends

Ziggs is a mage who plays in Mid lane.

Well, most of the AP champions are known for their weak impact on turrets.

So you may be wondering why specially Ziggs?

Ziggs has a skill that makes him a great split pusher and a great turret destroyer, his W (Satchel Charge) has a strong impact on the turrets.

When an enemy turret is on low HP, Ziggs can one-shot it with his W. Isn’t he worth trying?

5. Nasus

Nasus is a Fighter who always plays in Top lane.

His power lies in his infinite stacking ability Q (Siphoning Strike).

This Q stacks when Nasus last hits a minion, ward, champion, drake or a turret.

So every time he last hits any object he gets permanent bonus AD on his Q.

He builds tanky items which make him invincible with a great amount of damage dealt to champions.

What makes him a great split pusher that his Q deals a massive amount of damage on the turrets and it has a very low cooldown.

If you leave nasus alone in the Top lane, you will regret it in the late game.

4. Fiora

fiora best pusher league of legends

Fiora is a fighter who plays in Top lane.

She is one of the best duelists in League of Legends.

What makes her strong that she deals true damage to tanks and turrets.

Her E (Bladework) makes her second basic attack critical strike her enemies.

You better be careful when trading with Fiora!

3. Yorick

yorick best pusher league of legends

Yorick is a fighter who plays in Top lane.

Actually, he is a great split pusher, thanks to his Ultimate (Eulogy of the Isles) which summons a monster (the Maiden of the Mist) that causes Yorick’s attacks against the Maiden’s target to deal bonus damage.

Also his passive (Shepherd of souls) makes Yorick summon Mist walkers to help him attacking any target.

Those skills make him so strong against enemies and turrets.

If your enemy team has Yorick, your jungler must babysit him and never let him scale.

In the late game he will be an unstoppable monster!

2. Jax

jax best pusher league of legends

Jax is a fighter who plays in Top lane or Jungle. He comes at the second place on this list for a reason of course.

He has a bad early game, but his Late game is nearly the best of them all.

He is well known for scaling and even if he is so behind he can come back as long as the game continues.

Jax builds Trinity Force and Rageblade then he becomes so strong and has a massive impact on turrets.

Jax’s playstyle depends on split pushing and using his AD and attack speed to take down turrets.

You should be careful if you see a top lane Jax with teleport because sooner or later he is going to destroy your nexus alone!!

1. Tryndamere

tryndamere best pusher league of legends

Here comes the number 1 split pusher of all time, Tryndamere.

Tryndamere is a fighter who plays in Top lane mainly and sometimes in Jungle. His main playstyle depends on split pushing.

His fury helps him in this task (When his fury is built up, his critical strike chance gets bigger).

Actually, Tryndamere doesn’t usually participate in team fights, but he split pushes the side lanes.

Tryndamere has a split pushing potential that could make him finish the game on his own.

If you want to win, never leave a Tryndamere alone in a Lane!

We can see that most of the split pushers are top laners and fighters.

That’s because the top laners have sustainability and base AD that helps them to crush turrets easily.

Also, the Demolish Rune help them so much in taking down enemies’ turrets.

So what are you waiting for?

Go now and pick your best split pusher and crush the enemy nexus on your own to climb the Ranked Solo/Duo Ladder!

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