Why Are All Gaming Chairs So Ugly?

Gaming Chairs

If you’ve ever considered investing in a gaming chair, then you’ve seen the styles available and know they’re certainly not the most attractive chairs. So, why do manufacturers design gaming chairs that way?

Gaming chairs are so ugly because manufacturers design them to be functional rather than attractive. This means that, while you may not like how gaming chairs look, their primary purpose is to provide comfort for long periods. 

Let’s talk more about gaming chairs and why they don’t look very attractive.

What Makes Gaming Chairs Unattractive?

Gaming chairs are unattractive because they are ergonomically correct. They provide important support for your body while gaming. Gaming chairs also represent the gamer’s taste and are designed uniquely without needing to match other furniture. 

Many factors can make gaming chairs look unappealing. So, while manufacturers design them to be more comfortable than attractive, there are various other reasons. Let’s break them down.

Gaming Chairs Are Ergonomically Correct

Manufacturers design gaming chairs to be ergonomically correct. When you’re playing games for long periods, you need to be comfortable. Therefore, gaming chairs may not look attractive, but they can provide many benefits to gamers who spend hours in front of their screen.

Unfortunately, a lot of ergonomically correct designs aren’t very attractive. Manufacturers design gaming chairs to provide lumbar support, recline, and keep you cool. The best way to do this is through the intricate design that you commonly see with gaming chairs. Though it may not be pretty, it effectively keeps your body from getting stiff or sore.

Gaming Chairs Are a Solo Design

Another thing that can make gaming chairs appear unattractive is that manufacturers design them without other furniture in mind. Most of the time, manufacturers design furniture to go with the room’s decor. So, you won’t often find unattractive furniture designs as they wouldn’t sell very well.

Gaming chairs are different from ordinary furniture because they don’t need to match the decor. Because they don’t follow these typical furniture design rules, manufacturers can design gaming chairs to look however they want.

People don’t buy gaming chairs for how they look. They buy them to be able to play games for hours comfortably. So, the chair’s design doesn’t matter as much as the comfort it provides. Therefore, since gaming chairs are a unique, solo design, they won’t match your other furniture- making them appear unattractive in your home.

Gaming Chairs Are a Representation of the Gamer

One reason you might not see a lot of attractive gaming chairs is that they are often representative of the gamer’s style. Sure, the designs are fairly universal, but the color scheme is up to you. You may see a bright pink neon chair and think it’s hideous, but there are plenty of gamers who would love to have one.

Gamers tend to choose colors and styles of gaming chairs that best represent their personality. So, you may often see gaming chairs that you don’t understand the appeal of. One of the best things you can do when looking for a gaming chair is to find one that represents your style.

Gaming Chairs Are Fully Adjustable

Part of what makes gaming chairs so ugly is that they are fully adjustable. Manufacturers design these chairs to have adjustable height and armrests. So, they may not look as nice as you want, but the adjustable features help you be as comfortable as possible while playing.

To make the height adjustable, manufacturers have to separate parts of the chair that would otherwise be one piece. Doing so helps those who may be too tall for the standard chair height.

Another important adjustable feature is reclining. Gaming chairs normally recline pretty far back to help the gamer be more comfortable no matter their setup. Just like height, a fully adjustable recline means that parts of the chair need to fit together differently than they would normally.

Each adjustable feature makes gaming chairs better for gamers, but also makes the design look ugly. So, you may need to compromise looks for maximum comfort.

Gaming Chairs Have Unique Features

Manufacturers design gaming chairs for support and comfort, and they also include unique gaming features. These features can be challenging to incorporate while keeping the chair attractive.

Gaming chairs often include speakers to help the gamer feel more immersed in the game. Some gaming chairs also include vibrations to help with immersion. These features are great for gamers who want to feel like they are part of the game. However, these features can make the design less than appealing.

Is a Gaming Chair Worth It?

A gaming chair is worth it if you game for long hours at a time and care more about comfort than appearance. Lumbar support and correct posture can go a long way to promoting good health even when sitting for a long time. 

When deciding on whether or not to get a gaming chair, it comes down to what you’re looking for in a chair. So, let’s talk about gaming chairs and whether they are worth buying.

Gaming Chairs Are Ideal For Long Gaming Sessions

Gaming chairs are made to keep gamers comfortable and supported when they play for long hours. If you aren’t much of a marathon gamer, then a gaming chair may not be necessary for you. However, for those who tend to sit and play games for an hour or more at a time, a gaming chair is certainly worth it.

Our posture tends to suffer during long hours of sitting in front of a screen. This can cause several health problems, from something as small as stiffness to serious back or neck problems. So, proper support is vital for spending long hours gaming.

Gaming Chairs Offer Ultimate Comfort

Gaming chairs are definitely worth it if you care more about your comfort than how the chair looks. So, it’s essential to weigh what’s most important to you.

If you care more about how the chair looks than what it can do for you, a gaming chair is probably not for you. However, consider getting a gaming chair if you want maximum support and comfort while you game.

Final Thoughts

Overall, gaming chairs are not pretty. Manufacturers design gaming chairs to provide support rather than look attractive. So, if you’re looking for something to go well with your other furniture,  a gaming chair will not get the job done.

If you choose a gaming chair despite how it looks, it will help support your body during long hours of gaming and allow you to become even more immersed in your games. Gaming chairs will provide ultimate support to your body while you play.

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