10 Reasons: Best Buy Gaming Headsets

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best buy gaming headsets

If you’ve ever had a gaming headset, then you know they don’t tend to last very long. In fact, many gamers have resorted to using headphones and a separate microphone because they were wasting money on a headset. What many gamers want to know is why.

Here are 10 reasons why gaming headsets are so bad:


  1. Required capabilities make the quality suffer. 
  2. Headsets need to be cheap to sell. 
  3. Marketing is very important but affects the budget. 
  4. They are often built to work rather than last. 
  5. There are too many non-reputable brands.
  6. You can’t tell the quality based on looks. 
  7. Headsets will die faster if not handled properly.
  8. Outside interference can interrupt wireless headphones.
  9. Overuse means they will wear out faster. 
  10. Some headsets are made to look cool rather than work well. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons and talk about what makes gaming headsets so bad.

1. Required Capabilities Make the Quality Suffer

There is a lot that goes into making gaming headsets. Headsets don’t just focus on audio input quality, but they also focus on audio output. This is what makes them intriguing for gamers because we need to be able to hear the game audio but also talk to our friends.

There are also noise-canceling specifications that often come with gaming headsets that require a lot of expertise when creating the set. Having all these features in one headset can be a lot for manufacturers to handle.

All the capabilities that go into gaming headsets don’t allow much room for error in the manufacturing process. So, these headsets require a lot of attention to detail, time, and money to execute properly.

Often, these factors lead to lower quality because there are so many different specifications. For example, if you purchase a pair of headphones, then you understand the manufacturer wanted to give you the best possible audio experience, but gaming headsets have so many capabilities that parts often suffer.

2. Headsets Need To Be Cheap To Sell

One of the biggest challenges with buying gaming headsets is finding one for a reasonable price that will provide decent quality without needing to be replaced quickly. However, many gamers may not be able to buy expensive headsets, which means there is a large market for cheap gaming headsets.

Because the market is so large, companies often want to be a part of it. They will manufacture headsets that can be sold at a competitive price. If they don’t want to end up losing money when selling the product, then they have to cut costs somewhere in the manufacturing process.

Most gamers who aren’t planning on making a career out of gaming are directed toward cheap gaming headsets to get the job done. When doing this, gamers often sacrifice quality because they don’t want to spend the extra money for a better headset.

Since most companies know this about gamers, those companies will make lower-quality headsets that are prone to damage and can fall apart quickly.

3. Marketing Is Very Important But Affects the Budget

One of the most important parts of selling gamer headsets is marketing. If a gamer has never heard of a company, they probably aren’t going to buy from them. Manufacturers often turn to marketing to get people more familiar with their company.

The intense level of marketing required by these companies costs a lot of money. Unfortunately for gamers, this money tends to come from the manufacturing process of the headsets. This can mean that the more the marketing, the lower the quality headset.

This isn’t always true, especially with larger companies that have plenty of resources available for marketing. But smaller companies need to get their name out there. The quality of the product can often be sacrificed in order for companies to be able to promote the product.

4. They Are Often Built To Work Rather Than Last

Cheaper gaming headsets are rarely built with longevity in mind. In fact, most do not come with an extended warranty, if any at all. Lack of warranty or any type of guarantee that the product will work for an extended period means gamers can’t depend on the headsets for long.

When you look into purchasing expensive gaming headsets, one of the most consistent things you’ll find is a warranty. In most cases, it is one year guaranteed for the product to work, but some manufacturers even offer two-year warranties. This shows confidence in their product and the willingness to invest in the longevity of their headsets.

Often with cheaper headsets, you don’t get a warranty at all. Once the store’s refund policy runs out, you are pretty much on your own. The lack of warranty is a clear sign that the manufacturer created the headset to work but not to last.

5. There Are Too Many Non-Reputable Brands

When you start your search for gaming headsets, you will become overwhelmed by the number of options you have. It seems like every company wants to get in on the gaming headset world. But not every company knows what they are doing.

There are quite a few audio companies that are trusted enough to purchase from. Many of those trusted brands are carried by reputable retailers and department stores, or the brands have their own storefronts to buy them directly.

Some headsets are even made by gaming companies themselves.

But what about everybody else? There is a long line of companies trying to sell the coolest, cheapest, and best gaming headphones. And it makes you wonder how many of these companies are reputable.

Many of these companies are not reputable. In fact, some are focused on completely different areas of audio or electronics. Gamers should be wary of buying from any company they haven’t heard of, even if the cheap price tag is appealing.

If you haven’t heard of the company before or don’t recognize its logo, it’s best to read reviews online about the brand and the headset you’re interested in buying. This will help you gauge other customers’ experiences as well.

Remember, you get what you pay for, and if those companies are unknown, it may be because they aren’t the best at making headsets.

6. You Can’t Tell the Quality Based on Looks

One of the biggest reasons why gamers can end up with bad gaming headsets is because it is so hard to tell the good from the bad. Most headsets look nearly identical, and this makes it hard to tell how good the headset really is.

You see this often with TVs and other electronics. Sure, the product may look sleek and finished, but that doesn’t tell us anything about how well it is made on the inside. We often trust manufacturers to tell us the truth about the specifications of a gaming headset rather than seeing it for ourselves.

While gaming headset manufacturers may not be lying, they are sometimes not honest about the quality of their products or how long they will last.

7. Headsets Will Die Faster if Not Handled Properly

Gaming headsets will last longer with proper care. This is especially important for cheaper headsets as they are not likely to last very long anyway. You may go through sets a lot faster than others if you don’t properly take care of them.

Unfortunately, we tend to take care of more expensive things the most. Sometimes our cheap headsets don’t get the care they need because, well, they’re cheap. But if you want to get the most out of your cheap headset, then taking care of it can ensure it will last longer and work better.

Make sure you’re gentle with the headset and the cords that go along with it. Rather than tossing the headset aside as we often do, it is best to put them in a safe place where they won’t fall. You should also avoid any kinks in the cord. This can intensely affect the sound and longevity of your headset.

If you notice that you are going through gaming headsets very quickly, then you may want to reconsider how well you take care of the ones you have. This can play a huge role in how long they last and keep you from buying new ones as often. Consider purchasing a case for your headset, or storing it safely in a drawer when it’s not in use. It’s still possible to get significant use out of your gaming headset, even if it is a cheap one.

8. Outside Interference Can Interrupt Wireless Headphones

If your gaming headset uses Bluetooth, then this can be a big issue for quality. Bluetooth electronics are not easy to make, nor are they cheap. Owning a cheap Bluetooth gaming headset may mean that you are losing audio quality because of the Bluetooth integration.

We all love wireless headsets, but sometimes they don’t work as well as we would like. In fact, there are plenty of things around our homes that can cause interference which ensures that you are not getting the best quality.

Many things can interrupt a Bluetooth signal, like distance or even other electronics also using Bluetooth. Other devices may even be trying to connect to your headset while you are using it, which could interrupt your audio. Sometimes Bluetooth can be interrupted if there is not a clear line between your headset and the device it is connected to.

Always make sure that your Bluetooth headset is within range and not connected to any other devices to ensure you get the best possible audio experience. While Bluetooth is convenient, it is expensive to make. Cheap Bluetooth items are not going to be the best possible quality.

9. Overuse Means They Will Wear Out Faster

One issue that buyers come across with gaming headsets is that they use them so much, they tend to wear out quickly. Even people who don’t make a profit from gaming can play long hours at a time. In fact, gamers in the US spend an average of 6.76 hours per week gaming. This is a lot of time, considering that not all gamers play regularly.

Following this average, we can assume that gaming headsets are being used at least 6 hours per week if not more. What does this mean for something that is built to work rather than last? It means it can stop working a lot faster because we are using it so often.

This is the struggle with gaming headsets. Most aren’t built to last, and that means, given the amount of use they get, they are more likely to break down quickly. So for frequent gamers, it’s better to invest in higher-quality headsets and preserve them as much as possible, rather than purchasing cheaper ones.

10. Some Headsets Are Made To Look Cool Rather Than Work Well

One of the biggest flaws in some electronics is that they are made to look cool rather than work well. This is a huge part of the market for gaming headsets. Often headsets that look cool for a low price tend to be made to look good rather than last.

Every part of the creation process for gaming headsets costs manufacturers money. You should expect to pay more for something special, like a cool design or color. If you see a headset that has a cool design but is the same price as another set with the same features but no design, this may be a sign that quality was sacrificed for looks.

There are plenty of gamers who don’t care what their headsets look like as long as they work well, but some people want to look cool, especially if they are streaming. Headsets with cool designs and colors have become more popular.

As a buyer, it is always safe to expect to pay more for something additional like a cool color or design on your headset. So, before you buy that cool gaming headset with an intricate design, consider whether or not the price matches what you are getting.

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