9 Best Apex Legends Starter Characters

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apex legends starter characters

Looking for the best Apex Legends starter characters to begin learning and mastering? Then this article will help you know the best Apex Legends characters for any new player still learning how to play. There are over 16 Apex Legends characters, and can be quite overwhelming for any new player but don’t worry as the characters and their abilities are easily learnable after a few games even the difficult ones.

What are the best Apex Legends starter characters? 

In-game, there’s a max of 16 characters or Legends, and 6 are initially unlocked for free. Learning these 6, as they are designed for quick adaptation, is advisable. New players should prioritize unlocking other characters discussed below.

What makes the best starting character in Apex Legends? 

When we find the best starting character in Apex Legends, it’s usually based on easy-to-understand skillsets to comfortably adapt to during real gameplay fights. This can range from support, defense, and offensive role-focused characters. Some characters may take time to get used to due to the complexity of the tactics used for them, and some really don’t need complex tactics and really depend in the end on the players themselves to what fits best for them.


What makes Lifeline a great starter character for new players is its simplicity in being a support player. The main roles are healing and reviving. While her Ultimate skill involves calling out a storage crate for your team, which is easy to get used to and understand, it makes her an awesome character to master initially before leaning more toward offensive roles afterward.


Bangalore could be the best Apex Legends starter character for new players, as its skills are easy to use in combat. It was built to depict the average combat soldier figure with a simplistic offensive skill kit.

Her primary skill is a Smoke grenade for escape or committing an aggressive counterattack, and her Ultimate skill to shoot out a flare for an airstrike which is something that a new player can easily adjust to and comprehend the tactical gameplay used for Bangalore.


Bloodhound is a recon Legend, the easiest recon legend to use. His primary skill is the best for close and mid-range combat where he can track and scan anyone at a specific range, and his Ultimate skill is a beast in battle giving him full awareness around him.

Players love to use him just for his primary skill alone, and it makes him a priority character for the team. Bloodhound is great for new players if they want to get into the Recon gameplay role.


Gibraltar is a defensive Legend known for serving as a solid tank that baits enemies for the team. His abilities revolve around shield-based power with his primary and passive skills.

His Ultimate skill is similar to Bangalore’s airstrike, but unlike Bangalore where it doesn’t explode on impact immediately, Gibraltar’s airstrike does explode immediately on impact. Gibraltar makes a great defensive support due to these two skills.


Pathfinder’s abilities are pretty fun, he’s considered to be the Spiderman of Apex Legends. His primary skill allows you to grapplehook mountains and other terrain objects to zip around like Spiderman, his Ultimate allows you to make a Zipline at any location you want to proceed in, making him useful when you need to escape an area via a Zipline.


Wraith is the most popular character in the game, and she’s free. What makes her a viable character for new players is her simple offensive skills. Despite its simplicity, mastering Wraith requires a good understanding of maps, common game sense, and tactical gameplay. As an excellent starting character in Apex Legends, she offers an agile offensive style and a useful ultimate for escaping battles once mastered.

What are the best Apex Legends starter characters to buy next? 

Now you have money to buy a character, but now what, can’t decide? Here’s a few of the purchasable characters you can buy and enjoy learning.


Caustic could be the most interesting player for strategic players. He has the ability to lay down Toxic Gas Traps which explode when shot at or activated and release a plume of toxic gas in the area damaging enemies and slowing them down. His Ultimate is also deadly which is a toxic grenade.

Poison abilities in a fast-paced shooting game don’t really work out well, and Caustic makes a great Legend to master for these deadly abilities.


Feedback on whether or not it is good for new players to learn has been mixed for Mirage. With his amazing passive ability, Mirage may create a clone of himself while the real you are healing a teammate.

His primary skills are not complex but he just needs time to learn. Mirage in the right hands can be a top-tier character, and that is what makes it a hard character because not everyone knows how to use it properly, but the skills themselves are simplistically friendly for a new player to adaptably learn through.


One of the new, beginner-friendly characters in Apex Legends is Fuse, a new character who debuted in Season 8 of the game. He is presumably a very straightforward, easy-to-use Legend. Fuse’s other main ability allows him to fire a cluster bomb that continually ignites little airburst explosions. He can also keep one additional grenade in his firing slot on the side of his arm.

While his Ultimate skill fires a bombardment creating a circle of fire and entrapping whoever is in the middle of it. A great offensive DPS character for a new player to buy.


Now you know the best Apex Legends starter characters that will get you learning the game properly, easily, and enjoyably. All Legends in Apex are still suitable for a new player, but in this list are just one of the characters that have the skills that are easily understandable and appropriate for a new player to apply in combat.

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