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Apex Legends Characters

The roster of Apex Legends characters features a fair share of eccentricity, each with unique abilities and synergies that contribute to creating a dynamic gameplay environment. This ensures that each game is guaranteed to be different from the last, even when playing with the same lineup composition.

But, while Respawn Entertainment deserves a lot of praise for keeping the nine-character roster of Apex Legends relatively balanced, it’s a known fact that some of the game’s characters are just better than others. So, if you’re simply going through the motions and trying to find out which Apex League character is better suited for your style of play, then we’ve got you covered.

Below, we ranked the Apex Legends characters, from worst to best, to help you choose your “main”.

10. Caustic

In a game where you have no choice but to adapt quickly to all sorts of situations, a character like Caustic feels out of place. A situational character that plays best in tight corridors and spaces, such as in Bunker, playing with a Caustic on your team feels like a huge disadvantage unless you find yourselves in oddly specific scenarios. Meanwhile, when you’re up against Caustic, rest assured that, so long as you bait the opposing team into fighting in open areas and avoid getting lured into an indoor battle, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

9. Mirage

For a character that makes trolling so much fun, Mirage finds itself near the bottom of our rankings for one simple reason — Mirage just isn’t good enough. Mirage was great in the first few weeks of the game. Those who managed to get their hands on Mirage first got a lot of kicks fooling the then-inexperienced players of Apex Legends. But, as time passed by, players started getting used to all of the shenanigans that people could pull off with Mirage.

These days, players are knowledgeable enough to distinguish between a decoy and the real Mirage. They ensure Mirage’s elimination by identifying the genuine one after knocking him down. Unless Respawn Entertainment opts to enhance Mirage’s decoys, playing Mirage is best reserved for rare occasions.

8. Gibraltar

Even with the straight 10% damage reduction bonus and a tougher Gun Shield, the so-called “Shielded Fortress” feels like he’s too slow in a fast-paced, high-octane game like Apex Legends.

Make no mistake. A good Gibraltar is a pain to deal with. They’ll make sure you have no choice but to take them down first. Unfortunately, rare as these situations may be, it is more advisable to pursue Gibraltar’s other allies when the map is open. This is especially true when they are sheltered inside his Dome of Protection, which incidentally obstructs outgoing fire and is essentially effective only until the enemy approaches from behind or gets close enough.

Unless Apex Legends’ meta changes to favor slow movement and turtling, Gibraltar, as presently constructed, will remain an odd pick.

7. Bloodhound

best apex legends character bloodhound

Bloodhound is decent. He’s an excellent tracker and combined with his ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, a good Bloodhound player is not to be trifled with, although you probably won’t be able to escape from them either.

Unfortunately, one big drawback of playing Bloodhound is that Eye of the Allfather reveals your location as well. This pretty much defeats the purpose of tracking your enemies without letting them know you’re on their tall, which pretty much defeats the purpose of a character that specializes in tracking and hunting.

6. Wattson

Wattson is fun to play with. With her abilities, you can safely escape and heal yourself up with no problem. You can easily take over control of the buildings by putting out the fences. Very strong support character to use in ranking.

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder’s ability to swing from one place to another makes him a valuable asset in a game where mobility is king. However, body shots are easier to land on this deceptively cruel robot and it is just as hard to hit other characters using Pathfinder as it is to hit the character when he’s grappling about.

So, the only advantage of Pathfinder in a gunfight is confusion, which can come in handy, but not always.

Lure a Pathfinder into tight corners or open fields, the latter of which Apex Legends has plenty of, and you’ll find that Pathfinder has very little to offer and may be more flash than substances.

4. Bangalore

The quintessential soldier, Bangalore is a straightforward pick that should feel very familiar to play for FPS fans, even if it’s their first time playing Apex Legends.

Her abilities, such as Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder, make her the perfect fit in any gunfight. Not to mention, she’s also pretty mobile. As soon as she takes damage (or is shot at), her passive ability, Double Time, is activated, enabling you to maneuver around your enemies or, at the very least, seek cover.

Perhaps the only reason why Bangalore isn’t any higher on our list of best Apex Legends characters is because she is just what she is — a solid pick.

3. Wraith

Wraith’s popularity has something to do with her edgy backstory, cool abilities, and overall usefulness in Apex Legends.

Despite her reportedly smaller hitbox, dealing with Wraith can be challenging. She has the ability to phase in and out of battles, detect when she’s being aimed at, and effortlessly transport teammates from one location to another.

To put it simply, Wraith is a handful. With a high potential for outplays and a solid base for what she can bring to any lineup composition, it’s no wonder that Wraith is a staple in pretty much every three-man lineup.

2. Octane

Just why you wouldn’t rank a character whose whole premise is about speed and mobility this high is just mind-boggling.

Octane, Apex Legends’ latest addition, seamlessly matches the game’s pace, causing chaos in any situation, be it tight gunfights or open fields. If you’re swift and adept with Octane’s speed, there’s no situation in Apex Legends that he can’t navigate. And landing spots are very important to know about, here are the best landing spots in Apex Legends.

1. Lifeline

Lifeline is the closest thing to a must-have in any lineup composition in Apex Legends.

Sure, you can technically survive and win games without ever needing a medic, but wouldn’t it be nice to have one? Besides, the Lifeline isn’t just any old medic. She’s very capable of defending herself and even outgunning you. Not to mention, Lifeline can call in a couple of pieces of high-tier loot, which can mean the difference between dying and surviving, especially early on in the game.

Unless you’re going for something specific with your team, you’re better off having or playing as the Lifeline than not having her on your squad. Although we did rank certain characters higher than others, the whole Apex Legends roster is rather balanced.

So, even if you end up playing the “worst” Apex Legends character on our list, that’s okay. Because, at the end of the day, the advantages that one offers over the other are negligible at best, and what matters most is that you learn how to play your chosen character to the best of his or her abilities.

If you do that, you’ll be getting far and winning in Apex Legends far more often. Also, a good tip for choosing settings is to read our best Apex Legends settings guide.

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