Top 10 Best Ashe skins in League of Legends


It has been more than 10 years since Ashe was first released in League of Legends.

She was one of the first champions to get into the game. Ashe is a marksman who plays ADC in the Bot lane.



She is considered one of the best champions in kiting (hit and run style). Ashe has a lot of skins, there are old and new ones.

Her skins have great visual reactions, it can be confusing for an Ashe main to choose which skin is better.

In this article, we will be talking about the best 10 Ashe skins in League of Legends.



10. Sherwood Forest Ashe

 Cost: 520 RP.  Release Date: April 8, 2010

Coming in the 10th place. This skin is considered one of the oldest skins in the game.

The reason that it’s in the 10th place that it lacks visual effects and the new skins are so good compared to this one.

It’s a basic skin also.



It doesn’t have an empowered recall or any effects. It was released in season 1.

Don’t expect much from an old skin or a cheap skin, skins are measured also by their price J.

9. Freljord Ashe

Cost: 520 RP.  Release Date: November 20, 2009

This skin is the oldest skin for Ashe.



It came up with the start of League of Legends, it’s 10 years old now. What makes this skin special from the previous 2 skin that it’s a Legacy skin.

Freljord Ashe is part of the “Legacy” skins in the legacy vault.

These skins are made available during limited time events at random throughout the year – sometimes only some of the skins are made available, but not all.

Also, it lacks a lot of enhancements. The upcoming skins are really fascinating!

8. Marauder Ashe

Cost: 750 RP.  Release Date: February 17, 2015

The only thing that is special about this skin that Ashe holds a bow that is keeps changing its color.

But actually this skin isn’t the best.

It doesn’t differ a lot from the classic version of Ashe. It was released 4 years ago.

7. Queen Ashe

Cost: 975 RP.  Release Date: September 21, 2010

Queen Ashe is made for Ashe the Queen of Freljord.

It’s an old Legacy skin.

Legacy skins are made available during limited time events at random throughout the year.

It has a good appearance, but nothing new about visual/sound effects.

6. Amethyst Ashe

Cost: 975 RP.  Release Date: November 15, 2011

Amethyst Ashe was released 8 years ago.

What makes this skin cost 975 RP is that the voice effects of it are different.

The effects are really good especially if you are wearing headphones.

But after all, we can find the upcoming skins more valuable and extremely amazing!

5. Heartseeker Ashe

Cost: 975 RP.  Release Date: February 14, 2014

“Heartseeker Ashe” was made for the love story between “Ashe” and “Tryndamere” as you can see in the picture of the skin.

Officially, the two are legally married.

This skin is better than the previous skins because it has its own empowered recall, which shows “Ashe” sitting on that heart-shaped chair. Also, it has some good sound effects.

But the best is yet to come!

4. Championship Ashe

Cost: 1350 RP.  Release Date: September 12, 2017

Here we start with the best skins for “Ashe”. Coming in the 4th place, “Championship Ashe”.

This skin is considered a “special events” skin. This skin becomes available to purchase only in the period of Worlds events only (once in the year).

This skin has 2 chromas.

Chromas are just different colors for the skin.

“Championship Ashe” has an empowered recall which shows “Ashe” sitting on her throne. Also, pretty good visual effects for her abilities.

3. Cosmic Queen Ashe

Cost: 1350 RP.  Release Date: August 21, 2018

“Cosmic Queen Ashe” is considered one of the fanciest skins in League of Legends.

It has 5 chromas. Her visual effects and her abilities are really amazing. You can cast Ashe’s ultimate and see what happens!

Also, this skin has a brand-new empowered recall.

Ashe evolves between the stars then gets back to the base in a great form. You can check the skin spotlight on Youtube. I’m sure you’ll like it.

2. High Noon Ashe

Cost: 1820 RP.  Release Date: October 10, 2019

Here comes the newest skin for Ashe so far. This skin is completing the “High Noon” skins series.

This skin is considered a legendary skin. It has 5 chromas.

The visual effects for this skin are really beyond expectations.

The recall shows Ashe amazingly riding a black horse. Every spell has its own modification according to the skin.

It’s available in store now, go purchase the skin and give it a try!


Cost: 1820 RP.  Release Date: August 2, 2016

And finally, the first place goes to one of the best skins in League of Legends “PROJECT Ashe”.

It’s one of the PROJECT skins collection. Also, it’s a Legendary skin.

This skin is the most special of them all. It comes in the first place for a reason for sure.

It has great visual/sound effects. Also, the character’s interaction is absolutely fascinating.

The recall also is legendary. You really don’t want to miss the chance of trying PROJECT Ashe!

Nearly all Ashe mains prefer to purchase this skin.


Well, we have seen the best 10 skins for Ashe so far.

Why specifically Ashe? Ashe is an old champion released with the start of League of Legends.

She is a strong marksman who is easy to play and she has a lot of skins, knowing that not all League’s champions have the same amount of skins.

Are you an ADC main? Do you want to learn about the ADC role? Do you love marksmen?

If the answer is yes, you really don’t want to miss the chance to start playing or learning the ADC role with an easy champion like Ashe and a good skin that makes you show-off in front of your enemies.

What you are waiting for?

Head to the shop now and purchase your favorite Ashe skin and start playing ADC like pro players!

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