Top Best 10 Commands in Minecraft

best commands minecraft

Minecraft Commands are a great way in modifying aspects of the game that can’t be achieved in normal survival, in a way it’s called ‘cheating’ but I call it being convenient.

By using Commands whether with or without command blocks it can be proven to be helpful, interesting and fun to use.

Here are the most favorite Minecraft commands that people use to make their gameplay experience more enjoyable.

10. /setblock & /fill

Setblock and Fill could be two commands relevant to WorldEdit, a mod that soothes the work process for a Minecraft Builder as the command allows you to modify, build and remove blocks at an easier pace with little to zero effort.

For an example, when building a castle, high-rise building, or anything that requires effort draining task to place multiple blocks, Setblock and Fill will be your go-to commands to cater to your needs of automatically placing blocks.


To replace a block to a different block: /setblock x y z [block] destroy/keep/replace

Fill a gap for a wall or equivalent: /fill from:x y z to:x y z [block] outline/hollow/destroy/keep

9. /summon

best commands minecraft

Summon is a nice fun command.

As it allows you to play God in Minecraft summoning any Mob that exist in the game. As we all frustratingly know, villagers in villages mostly disappear when left unprotected after your discovery, due to them being constantly attacked by hostile mobs and killed off.

This is where the /summon command comes in as it would help you spawn multiple villagers to repopulate the ghostly village.

Also not forgetting, if you’re bored enough in your Singleplayer world, summoning the Enderdragon, Wither, or a Zombie horde would be the most likely choice to add some challenging fun.


Summoning a wither: /summon minecraft:wither

8. /clone

Clone is another “WorldEdit”-like command.

From the word Clone, it is basically a copy + paste feature in allowing you to copy a whole building or equivalent and moving it someplace else.

Making your world modifications 10x easier.

You can type out the exact coordinates of the desired structure, and copy it over to somewhere you may see fit and not regret it later on.


/clone Beginning:<x1> <y1> <z1>  Ending:<x2> <y2> <z2>  Destination:<x> <y> <z>

7. /enchant

When the Minecraft 1.8 update released, enchanting became a bit more challenging and grindy in acquiring to get what you actually want.

Though this command has been in the game for a long time, /enchant just makes the enchants easier to get than wanting to invest in a lot of EXP and time to get your desired enchantments on an item.


Hold the intended item: /enchant [player id] minecraft:knockback 2

6. /effect

Just like the /enchant. /effect is the command that you want to give certain potion effects to yourself or anyone.

Whether you are lazy to grind for potions and want to make things easier, doing the /effect and giving yourself a considerable amount of extended time like 30 minutes for the Speed, Health Regeneration, invisibility etc., then this is quite ideal for you.


Hold the intended item: /enchant [player id] minecraft:knockback 2

5. /worldborder

The /worldborder command enables you to change the position of the world border to a small square if wanted, though this might not be proven useful in any way to your survival experience, it is kind of fun to limit the world border if you want to do some activity that requires it.

For example, fighting a wither boss in your survival world and not wanting to blow everything in its path, you could limit the world border to a small square, and fight the wither inside it, until you expand it again to its default size.

Don’t forget that limiting the world border and playing “gladiator” with friends is also a nice fun activity to have, as no one can go beyond the world border to escape.


/worldborder center x & z coordinated

/worldborder set 20 (for the small square)

4. /tp or /teleport

Let us say you did /locate, got the coordinates, but it’s too far to walk.

Doing the /tp [xyz coordinates] would be a much more suitable way in going to your desired destination as you may not want to hold the move forward key for a long time.

As you can teleport to any coordinates or a friendly player that is within the World Border.

Fast travel at its finest.


/tp [player id] x y z or /tp x y z

3. /spawnpoint & /setworldspawn

Of course, these commands are always considered ‘cheating’, though casual players would consider commands like this as an option, setting the world spawn anywhere you go, from a specific player spawn or the spawn point of the World in general for you and any other player.

You can explore the vast lands of Minecraft finding a place to build that may be far away from your initial spawn point and reset it wherever you may like, as you wouldn’t want to run all the way back to the place that you have built your home base that would be far from your beginning spawn.

Though a bed could be a viable option as always but that just isn’t a permanent solution.


For individual player spawns: /spawnpoint [player ID]

To set world spawn: /setworldspawn [x y z]

2. /gamerule

The Gamerule command is a useful way in wanting to modify and change certain rules of the Game as some rules can be an annoyance, for example, you can keep your inventory after death, stopping the day and night cycle, can disable raids, or even when you want to stop Creepers from destroying your creations.

All to make your gameplay experience convenient and enjoyable.


To keep inventory after death: /gamerule keepInventory true

1. /locate

This is a great command for Singleplayer when wanting to find Minecraft landmarks (e.g, Water Temples, Villages, Mansions) though it might be cheating, it’s still a convenient way to not spend a multitude of hours exploring to find just one landmark you want to go to.

When you initiate the command, it tells you the exact coordinates for the direction of the desired place and then you can either choose to go run towards the coordinates or teleport to it.


/locate Village

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