Top 10 Best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter World


The Dual Blades are for hunters who want the best mobilization and speed in the game.

Wielding this weapon will grant you speed that is second to nothing, though the downside of this is that it will deplete your stamina faster than with any other weapons in the game.

This made the weapon to be extremely difficult to create builds with, and often times hunters end up messing it up gaining very less productivity during their hunts with this weapon.

However, there are very few Dual Blades that will make a difference despite of its handicap.

These few Dual Blades are proven to be strong despite the challenges you need to face in terms of creating its build.

Remember that the hunter needs to consider the Dual Blades’ sharpness value, stamina, elemental attack, crit rates, elemental crit up, and raw damage in formulating a good build for this weapon.

So having a Dual Blades with more skills built into it will help the hunter make a better overall build for it, thereby, here are some of the best Dual Blades that you should consider if you aim for the best overall build against all types of monsters.

10. Taroth Daggers “Thief”

These Dual Blades are a good choice if you are into status ailments.

These daggers can cause sleep a couple of times during the run, so bringing a few sets of mega barrel bombs with you would be a great part of your strategy. This weapon has 238 raw attack damage with 90 sleep status attack.

The weapon also features white sharpness but with no slot.

What’s great about this weapon since sleep is not a main element is that you can skip the elemental crit attack up, so you can simply just go on increasing your raw attack damage and just make sure that you have enough stamina to perform those badass demon dance combos.

9. Kjarr Daggers “Lurk”

Another Dual Blades leaning toward status ailment are the Kjarr Daggers “Lurk”.

This weapon can cause paralysis against most of the monsters in the game, and it can be a great choice when fighting against strong monsters that are susceptible to paralysis like the Ancient Leshen.

This will enable not just you but also your teammates to deal massive amount of damage when the monster is paralyzed – and you can do this a couple of times in a run.

Its damage is also not to be underestimated at 224 raw attack damage. The paralysis status attack is at 90 which is actually high for dual blades.

The weapon also features high white sharpness and with 10% affinity, giving you more boost in terms of damage and crit rates.

8. Downy Crake Love

The best status Dual Blades of all. When you notice a party member using this weapon, expect that the monster will fall asleep over and over again few seconds after it wakes up.

The weapon has 120 sleep status attack, and with 252 raw damage.

Its only downside is that it can only reach blue sharpness, making this weapon not a good choice if you aim for speedrunning.

Nevertheless, if you want a safer hunt wherein you can chill since your target will just fall asleep over and over again anyway, then this weapon would be the best choice for you.

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7. Kjarr Daggers “Dragon”

As mentioned above, creating a Dual Blades build can be a great pain for hunters.

However, getting your hands with the Kjarr Daggers will make creating builds a lot easier.

This dagger have its element fully unlocked, and it also has crit elemental attack boost built-in to it.

That’s two vital stats for the Dual Blades built into the weapon itself.

With that said, you can easily make a build for this Kjarr weapon and sneak in some few survival skills if you want to.

These Kjarr Daggers have a dragon element with average elderseal.

It has decent elemental attack as well, and is solely recommended for hunters who prefer mixed builds over pure DPS.

6. Kjarr Daggers “Ice”

Another Kjarr daggers on this list of course is the Kjarr Daggers “Ice”.

This is simply the ice version of the dragon daggers we listed above. These kjarr daggers boast a raw attack of 252, and an ice elemental attack of 210.

It has 15% bonus affinity, and can reach a decent white sharpness using level 3 handicraft.

It also has 1 single slot that will help you reach that dream ice build of yours!

5. Kjarr Daggers “Water”

The water version of the infamous Kjarr Daggers.

As usual, it has the main perks every Kjarr Daggers have, but with only 10% affinity which is lower than both the dragon and the ice versions.

Regardless, these daggers are still the best water dual blades in the game, hence a very good choice when fighting against monster weak to water such as the Lavasioth or the Uragaan.

4. Kjarr Daggers “Rage”

A Kjarr Dagger which is a lot different than its other siblings.

These Kjarr Daggers are more focused on the raw attack at 280, but with the same element as other Kjarrs at 210.

Its main downside is its sharpness at blue ONLY, and you can never reach white sharpness for this weapon even if you equip level 5 handicraft on your build.

Regardless, its brute high raw attack power compensates for this lack of sharpness, making this dagger still one of the best choice against monsters weak to fire.

3. Kjarr Daggers “Spark”

Kjarr Daggers spark best dual blades monster hunter world

The last but not the least Kjarr Daggers on our list is the Kjarr Daggers “Spark”.

These Kjarr Daggers are the thunder version of the Kjarr Daggers family.

Its raw attack is somewhat the same as most of the Kjarr Daggers at 252, but it has a slightly lower thunder elemental attack at 180.

What makes this dagger really great is that you would not need a single handicraft jewel to reach white sharpness for these blades, as by default, this weapon already have a decent white sharpness in it.

This dagger would be a great choice if you prefer having a few survival skills in your build without compromising vital DPS skills.

2. Fire and Ice

The best Ice daggers in terms of DPS. If you are into pure DPS build, then choosing the Fire and Ice would be your best bet.

This weapon features a 252 raw attack damage, but with staggering two elemental attacks (ice and blast) at 240.

Yes, you read it just right, this weapon features two elements; ice and blast.

The weapon also features 10% affinity bonus, and it could reach white sharpness when having handicraft level 3.

The only downside of this weapon is that it can be very difficult to make a build with since the weapon features two elements wherein you will likely need to optimize for both.

With that, your likely choice would be to avoid any survival skills to compensate for its DPS skill needs.

1. Zireael

The undisputed best dragon dual blades in the game in terms of DPS.

These daggers boast a total of 294 raw attack value, and with really high dragon elemental attack at 240.

Its only downside is that the elemental attack needs to be unlocked with release jewels, which may not be an issue at all considering how high the stats of these blades by default are.

It has high elderseal making the blights and special moves of the elder dragons to be almost non-existent during the duration of your fight, and its sharpness is just crazy high especially if you add a few handicraft jewels in your build with this weapon.


Most of the daggers listed here can be obtained through different event quests, except only for the Fire and Ice which you can obtain from the Smithy.

So, if you are looking forward on obtaining any of these event weapons, make sure to check the game’s events schedule to know if any of the events present will make you acquire any of these.

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