Top 10 Best Fortnite Skin Combos

best fortnite skin combos

With the huge selection of skins Fortnite has released over the year there are a ton of back blings and outfits to choose from.

And of course, you want to have a matching outfit to flex on your opponents and also it’s a ton of fun to combine different skins.

Either way here are top 10 list of best Fortnite skin combos that will hopefully inspire you.

10. Molten Battle Hound Combo

best fortnite skin combo

This really captures the spirit of season 8 volcano theme with the fire elements and a dope back bling.

The skins used are molten battle hound with the dying light backpack and the dread pickaxe.

Total Cost: 2,000 VBucks/20$

9. Malice Combo

This combo is again in the volcano fire theme with the devil girl Malice skin and the awesome fiery back bling that looks like it could be a glider.

Total cost: 2,000+ Vbucks

8. Blue team leader combo 

This is a great combo if your into blue these all have a strong blue color.

The outfit is the blue team leader which you could get from PlayStation Plus if you were subscribed unfortunately not anymore. Same goes with the blue shift back bling it’s a promotion as well but you can still get it today if you link your epic account with PlayStation plus account.

The glider intrepid and the pickaxe positron is from season 4 carbide set.

I would also add the blue metallic wrap that you could get from challenges in season 8 for extra blueness.

Total cost: ~ 2,000 Vbucks/ 20$

7. True American outfit combo

american outfit skin combo fortnite
flying saucer glider

If you wanna look like a real American you might wan’t to try this combination out, looks really funny on the field and you will look like a fast food lover. Also recommended use the flying saucer glider with this.

Total cost: 5,150 Vbucks

6. Dark bomber and Brite combo

dark bomber brite fortnite combo skins

Dark bomber and Brite bomber is a favorite amongst many but to stand out even more you need to have everything in slot fit well. Unfortunately, some stuff is from season 3 pass like the rainbow set so alternative can be the Prismatic glider for 800 Vbucks.

But it’s still eye candy to look at.

Total cost: 9,000 Vbucks

5. Magma Wrap Dark Voyager Combo

magma wrap skin combo dark voyager

With the animated wraps released in season 8 there are even more possibilities of finding great combinations. The magma wrap looks so good with a black skin like the dark voyager that released in battle pass season 3. I would go with a black pickaxe with this combo maybe burning axe from malice even.

Use any backbling of choice.

Total cost: 700 Vbucks

4. Volley Girl Star Wand Combo

Volley Girl Skully Satchel Star Wand skin combo fortnite

This outfit is really fitting with the pink blue outfit and the golden star to top it off. This uses the volley girl outfit, skully satchel back bling and star wand pickaxe.

Great color matching!

Total cost: 3,200 Vbucks

3. Lucky Gold Digger Combo

dire lucky coins gold digger fortnite combo outfit

If you like digging for gold then this is combo is for you.

This uses the outfit Dire stage 2 from battle pass season 6 to get the half-wolf look with the lucky coins back bling and finally the gold digger pickaxe. Awesome combo for digging for chests in season 8.

Total cost: 1,000 Vbucks

2. Jungle Scout Bamboo Palm Leaf Combo

Jungle Scout Bamboo Palm Leaf fortnite outfit Combo

If you wanna be lean clean jungle player then this is the one to go for. Coming out of the woods with this outfit will make even Tarzan scared.

So first off you need a season 8 win to get the palm leaf glider with that you get the bamboo back bling then the jungle scout outfit and lastly for pickaxe either go with palm tree relax axe or banana peely pick.

Total cost: 3600 Vbucks

1. Galaxy Skin Combo

fortnite samsung galaxy skin combo

This is probably the most expensive one since to get the galaxy skin you had to buy the Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4. Since the promotion has ended as well it makes this skin combo even rarer.

Combined with the ominous orb and oracal ace this combo looks awesome for that galaxy space mysterious combo.

Total Cost: 10,000+ Vbucks

Also make sure to get a good gaming keyboard for fortnite.

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