The Best Enchanting Room in Minecraft


It is pretty simple to make the best Enchanting room in Minecraft, whether it is to get the max possible enchantments or to make an efficient enchanting room design for your enchanting needs.

In this Article we show a couple of room designs and share some helpful information regarding Enchanting rooms.

Keep in Mind before you Build:

Before we explain how to build the best rooms for enchanting, there are some things you have to keep in mind.

To make the best Enchanting room, you need to know that in order to get the max level enchantment option, which is 30, we need at least 15 Bookshelves around the enchanting table that should be only 1 block apart.

The Enchanting table is only capped at 15 bookshelves to get max enchantment level.

Adding more than 15 bookshelves around the Enchanting table would render them useless and just a display.

There is really only one way of making an Enchanting room have the max 30 level enchantment available — what was briefly said above.

Anything beyond what is required for an Enchanting room is either for aesthetics or designed for the convenience of the player.

As you read through this Article, we will showcase the common room designs that could be suitable for you and tips that will guide you before you build your Enchanting room.

Building the Enchanting room:

The most common design for the Enchanting room is placing bookshelves at the sides in a 5 by 5 square surrounding the Enchanting table.

Since an Enchanting table only needs 15 bookshelves to get the 30 level enchant option and this room is more than 15, some are just here to make it look complete, the laziest design so to say but something you would normally want to go with due to simplicity.

book shelves best enchanting room minecraft

Another common build is what we call the Library corner.

Just by placing the bookshelves in any of the two sides of the Enchanting table, which is suitable for a room or base you are making that you would want the Enchanting area solely be in a corner.

It doesn’t really matter if you lack bookshelves to fully surround the Enchanting table in a 5 by 5 square.

As again, 15 is enough to get the level 30 Enchantment option as you can see in the Library corner design.

This is what 15 bookshelves would look like if you normally want to place the bookshelves all around.

Doesn’t have to be the same, as you can place the bookshelves anywhere as long as it is 1 block apart from the Enchanting table, which the 5 by 5 square being the only placement option.

The 15-cap limit allows the user to have variety of room designs for their base, which that rule is good for that reason.

Some Tips regarding Enchanting rooms:

Since we now know how we can build an Enchanting room to get the max level Enchantment.

Here some interesting tips when it comes to building Enchanting rooms:


If you were to stumble upon any dungeon, you can build your Enchanting room next to it.

If you were to convert the dungeon into a basic Dungeon Grinder and have your Enchanting room close by like in the picture (Zombie Grinder left, Enchanting room right).

This would save you time from running back to your main base if you so happen to have built your Enchanting area at home which is far away from the Zombie grinder.

Making things more convenient for you and your Enchanting.

You can also include a Sugar cane farm or a lava pit to cater to the need if you want to throw useless enchanted books or items away.

Adding a nearby Sugar cane farm would be your source of crafting more books for you to keep enchanting if you specifically want to enchant books.

room ideas house enchanting room minecraft


If you happen to think that you can stack the bookshelves more than 2 blocks high, or put the bookshelves directly above the enchanting table even if it is 1 block apart, you can’t.

The Enchanting table won’t be able to detect it.

Bookshelves are most likely programmed to detect a block of air at the sides between the table so the bookshelves would be eligible to enhance the table.

If you have particles turned on in the game options.

You can easily know if the bookshelves are enhancing the table if you see the glyph particles floating from the bookshelves towards the Enchanting table or the floating book that is being shown in the picture, the particles floating which is encircled in red.

This means it’s working.


Another thing to keep in mind is objects (torches, fences, carpets or anything alike) can directly block the effects of a bookshelf to an Enchanting table if they are placed at the 1 block space between the bookshelf and Enchanting table, also applies to the bookshelves placed on top of the bottom bookshelves.

For example, if you would like to put carpets around the enchanting table, it will block the effects of the bookshelves and you won’t see any glyphs floating towards the Enchanting table making the bookshelves useless causing the available enchanting options to be the same like it was without bookshelves until the object is removed between them.


This is more of a fun building design tip, but if you want to get a bit more technical in design with your Enchanting room, you can implement Redstone functionality, this is for users who want to add that bit of “high tech” function inside their base because it feels cool.

The Engineering behind this isn’t hard at all and simply requires a basic understanding of Redstone.

Sadly, Sticky Pistons can’t move an Enchanting table, so we are entirely focused on the bookshelves.

An example how this would look and work depending on your build:

When Redstone is turned off:

When Redstone is turned on:

The Redstone engineering behind this is as follows. Only needing Redstone repeaters and a lever. If you want to however use a pressure plate to walk on, you can as well with a bit of modification to the actual build. The Redstone Lamps is straight forward by simply connecting it to the main line.

The area of Redstone dust going to power the Redstone Lamps:

Pretty simple isn’t it?

Now you know the ways in building an Enchanting Room and some mechanics you didn’t know at first, now go and try to build one yourself, Redstone or not.

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