Top 10 Best Light Sources In Minecraft

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In most games, the light element is only an effect used for setting up the mode and tone of the environment.

If the light is used effectively, the whole game becomes more immersive.

In Minecraft, light is used in a way that largely affects the gameplay.

Because of its daytime and nighttime system, the lighting level means survival or danger for a lot of players.

Let There Be Light…

Light affects two important game mechanics in Minecraft: farming and mob spawning.

It is also an important factor when you’re digging or mining on deeper levels.

When exploring new caves or new dungeons, light is also used for navigation and marking.

There are 15 levels of light overall, and depending on where you are, different kind of mobs will spawn.

Farming: Some plants will only grow on certain biomes. saplings, pumpkin, melon, and bamboo will at least level 9 of light to grow. This requirement is the same for wheat, carrots, potatoes, and beetroots.

If you’re working at your farms at night, bring an extra light item.

Mob Spawning: Depending on the level of lighting, a passive mob or a hostile mob can spawn in an area. Zombies and Skeletons will spawn only on level 7 and below, the same with creepers, witches, spiders, and silverfish.

Meanwhile, passive mobs such as chickens, cows, mushrooms, pigs, sheep, and horses will spawn depending on the biome.

They need a light level of at least 7 and above to spawn.

The Best Light Sources In Minecraft

In the Overworld, the main source of light is the Sun.

It can light the entire map as long as it is not covered by an opaque block.

But when the player is deep underground all when the nighttime system kicks in, a new source of light is needed.

Here are some of the best light sources in Minecraft.

10. Lava (Level 15)

The lava block is one of the most dangerous blocks in the game.

Players can transport lava through a bucket just like water.

If you’re exploring a dungeon and you see a light source from afar, it is very likely that a pool of lava ahead.

Lava is a beneficial type of trap and a light source. However, because of its flowing nature, you can accidentally destroy your house or set yourself on fire.

9. Sea Pickles (Level 6)

Most of the light sources will not work underwater.

Lava will either get cobblestone or obsidian upon contact and torch will not work at all. If you’re going to work underwater, you can use two blocks of sea pickles as a light source.

It emits a light level of 6 with an additional three levels per additional pickle.

8. Redstone Lamp (Level 15)

Redstone Lamp is a unique light source; it will only work when activated with a Redstone signal.

This block is used as a switchable light source, which is useful for some Redstone contraption builds that might need it.

When inactive, this block will not produce any light at all.

7. Sea Lanterns (Level 15)

To create a sea lantern, you need to have a Prismarine Shard and Prismarine Crystals ready.

It is one of the brightest blocks in the game. Sea Lanterns can be used to power a Conduit underwater.

You can craft sea lanterns or mine one using a tool with a silk touch enchantment.

Although it’s aesthetically pleasing, using other light sources underwater might be more useful.

6. Beacon (Level 15)

The Beacon’s light can reach the very end of the sky, which is very useful for navigation.

Its additional effect is useful because you don’t have to use any block to use it.

The drawback, however, is that you need to kill the Wither and use tons of resources to build a functional one. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most precious blocks in the game,

5. Jack o’ lanterns (Level 15)

Jack o’ lanterns can be crafted by creating a Carved Pumpkin and crafting it with a torch.

This block is used for summoning an iron golem or a snow golem.

This block can work underwater and emits a level 15 luminance, which is the highest in the game.

If you want to explore underwater early on (granted that you have your own pumpkin farm), you can use Jack o’ lanterns for luminance.

4. Lanterns (Level 15)

Lanterns have a level 15 luminance, which means that it is one of the brightest objects in the game.

You need eight iron nuggets and a torch to make this one. Unlike torches, lanterns can be hanged by sneaking.

This block can add aesthetic elements on structures, and serve as a light source at the same time. Lanterns have a larger range than most of the light sources in the game.

3. Campfire (Level 15)

The Campfire block is one of the latest additions in the game.

Although it is new, players found a lot of uses for this block already. It can be used as a light source with a level 15 luminance.

Campfire blocks are used for cooking and smoke signals. Its fire can be extinguished and used as a decorative building block.

2. Glowstone (Level 15)

Glowstone blocks appear on the Nether or can be traded from villagers.

It can only be mined by using a tool enchanted with Fortune or Silk Touch. Glowstones are craft-able by combining four glowstone dusts in a 2×2 grid.

A lot of builders prefer using Glowstone in their builds because it can be incorporated neatly on walls.

It is also usable for Redstone circuits because it can transmit Redstone signals upward.

1. Torches (Level 14)

Torches are probably the most common light source used in the game.

It can be crafted by coal/charcoal and stick, which is pretty accessible early in the game.

You can almost put it in any block, use it to deal with gravel and sand when mining, as well as a navigation tool when exploring.

It has a level 14 luminance, which is already one of the highest in the game.

Its only drawback is that it can’t be used underwater and that it’s not that aesthetically appealing to some builds.

However, this is compensated by its economical benefits.

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