Top 6 Best Pickaxe Enchantments In Minecraft


In order to beat Minecraft, every player must swing their pickaxes and spent some time in the mine.

There are blocks that can only be mined using higher-level pickaxes.

Players would strive to improve their tools, weapons, and armors over time.

Back in the day, if you have a diamond pickaxe, you already have the most powerful mining tools in the game.

But because of the addition of enchantments, you can now make your pickaxes better and better.

Here are the enchantments that you can add to your pickaxes in Minecraft.

The Best Pickaxe Enchantments In Minecraft

6. Curse Of Vanishing

curse of vanishing best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

The curse of vanishing is not something that you would want to add in your survival Minecraft game.

What it does is it causes an item to disappear when the wielder dies.

Nobody wants to lose their best diamond pickaxe when they can retrieve it after death.

However, the Curse of Vanishing is very helpful if you’re playing in a multiplayer server and you don’t want other players from benefitting to your items once they killed you.

5. Silk Touch

silk touch best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Silk touch is another pickaxe enchantment that you wouldn’t want to use in your main pickaxe.

This enables any blocks to drop as themselves instead of the mined drop. So instead of picking up those diamond, iron, or lapis lazuli, you would be picking up diamond ores, iron ores, or lapis lazuli ores.

A tool with Silk Touch is also the only way to pick up items such as blue ice, cake, campfires, and glowstones.

4. Fortune

fortune best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Fortune is every miner’s favorite mining enchantment, and that’s for a great reason.

A pickaxe with a fortune enchantment will increase the amount of an item after mining.

Fortune enchantment usually doubles the number of items that you mine from a single block.

Instead of only one diamond, you’ll get up to four diamonds if you equipped your pickaxe with the highest Fortune enchantments available right now.

Fortune III and Silk Touch cannot be put in the same pickaxe.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Efficiency is an enchantment that can be used on shovels, axes, and pickaxes and decreases the mining time necessary to break an item. This enchantment is a sweet one to have if you’re in a large scale mining project or just want to clear out a big area.

If you Efficiency V in a diamond pickaxe while under Haste II will be able to mine almost any block instantly, similar to how the blocks are mined in the creative mode.

Just take note that only stone and diamond pickaxe can get Efficiency V by anvils.

If you want to give Efficiency V to other materials, you need to use an Enchantment Table.

2. Unbreaking

unbreaking best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Unbreaking is one of the most universal enchantments in Minecraft.

You can give it almost all tools, weapons, and armor. What it does is enhances the item’s durability by reducing the times an item is damaged due to usage.

The higher the enchantment level, the longer you would be able to use your pickaxe.

If you have an Efficiency V pickaxe with Fortune III, adding Unbreaking would prolong the usage life of your pickaxe.

1. Mending

mending best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Mending is an enchantment that can only be obtained via chest loots, fishing, raids, or trading.

It cannot be obtained using an enchanting table. What it does is it restores the durability of the item using experience orbs that the player gets.

Its a useful enchantment for almost every tool, weapons, and armors in the game.

And it’s pretty hard to find; you would likely get this as a book when trading with villagers.

So if your pickaxe durability is on the red, just visit your farms, get some XP, you would have a brand new-like pickaxe once again.

Most Interesting Pickaxes From Minecraft Mods

Sure, Vanilla Minecraft pickaxes are already useful, but what if you want to have something different?

The following pickaxes are not available in the vanilla version at all.

You can only get these by installing the right mods.

Each mod is free, but you might want to learn how to use Forge or other mod utilities.

5. Emerald Pickaxe (OverPowered Pickaxes Mod)

emerald pickaxe best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

The Emerald Pickaxe is a pickaxe that you can create using the OverPowered Pickaxes Mod.

It’s a mod that adds new pickaxe recipes from other blocks such as magma, cookie, and items from the end.

The Emerald Pickaxe is a faster version of the diamond pickaxe.

This is added because emeralds are actually the rarest block in Minecraft, that’s why it should be better than diamonds.

4. Weather Pickaxe (OverPowered Pickaxes Mod)

weather pickaxe best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

The Weather pickaxe is another unique tool featured in the OverPowered Pickaxes Mod.

This one is actually kind overpowered.

You cannot break any block with it, but you can summon water by right-clicking in an empty space or lightning by right-clicking a block.

You can craft this by using three buckets of water and two sticks.

3. Auto Smelting Pickaxe

The auto-smelting pickaxe is a data pack which allows the player to get the smelted version of ore blocks without using the furnace.

If you mine an iron block, you’ll get the iron right away.

This is also the same with gold ores.

You can also turn cobblestones into stones right away,

Unfortunately, you can’t get any experience from smelting items as you would in the original game.

2. Pickaxe Of Life (More Pickaxes!!)

pickaxes best pickaxe enchantments minecraft

Pickaxe of Life is one of the pickaxes included in the “More Pickaxes!!” mod.

Its an expensive item: you would need two diamonds, 1 totem of undying, 1 pink tulip, and 2 sticks to craft this pickaxe.

However, it gives you instant health if you mine stone, netherrack, or endstone.

1. Bedrock Breaker Pickaxe

This is a data pack which that enables mining bedrock even in survival mode.

All you have to do is to rename your diamond pickaxe to “BedrockBreaker” using the anvil.

With this mod, you can now craft using bedrock and make items such as barriers.

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