Top 10 Best Marksman in Mobile Legends

Marksmen have always been in the meta whether players like it or not. There seem to be two reasons behind this.

First, they are easy to play with compared to fighters or assassins that usually have complicated controls and combos. The second one is because they can easily dominate the game given that some conditions are met.

The first condition for marksmen to control the game is to be well fed. Next, picking the right items. Knowing which item build is the best for your hero will give you an edge over those who buy items thoughtlessly.

And finally, marksmen who stick to their roles – pushing and aiding in team fights – will make for a competitive game.

To help you dominate through the ranks, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 best marksmen in Mobile Legends. Read on to find out which one is perfect for you!

10. Layla

Layla best marksman in mobile legends

Layla is the easiest but one of the most dangerous marksmen there is. She can easily dominate a game given that she met the conditions above.

When players create a new account in Mobile Legends, the tutorial character is Layla. After completing the tutorial, she is also the first hero to be unlocked for free. That’s why everyone knows how to play her aside from the fact that her controls are one of the simplest.

Given her easy controls and incredible potential, she is a popular pick for newbies and even for tenured gamers who don’t are too lazy to do combos.

9.  Miya

Miya best marksman mobile legends

Miya is sort of like the sister of Layla. Both are effortless to play and a ton of fun in late games.

What makes Miya a little bit better is because her offense power is slightly higher than Layla. Her ultimate allows her to become invisible for 1.5 seconds at the same time raising her attack speed by 35% allowing her to pummel her enemies in incognito mode.   

8. Irithel

Irithel best marksman mobile legends

Irithel is a lot of fun to play with if you know what you’re doing.

She is a strong pick as she can pierce through enemy defenses with her first skill. Then continue through the second and third skill as you rain them with arrows like there’s no tomorrow.

Ultimately, what makes her unique is that she is one of the only two heroes in the game who can attack while moving. The other one is Kimmy. This is a very special advantage because it means that she can attack while chasing or fleeing from enemies. 

7. Bruno

Bruno best marksman mobile legends

Bruno is that one annoying friend who won’t stop pestering you about soccer (football).

He literally kicks soccer balls for his basic attack and then kicks an energy filled ball that ricochets among enemy heroes. He is slick and deadly if ignored but often underrated.

6. Yi Sun-Shin

Yi sun-shin best marksmen mobile legends

Yi Sun-Shin or YSS as players would call him is a force of nature that’s should not be taken lightly.

He has one of the longest ranges in the game as well as a high damage dealer. For his ultimate, he punishes not one or two but all five enemy heroes anywhere in the map with three-wave attacks of fire arrows.

The dude has no chill especially to those who laugh at his big ass hat. So you can laugh all you want but there’s no telling what YSS would do if he’s angry.

5. Lesley

Lesley best marksman mobile legends

When Lesley was released, she was in the meta for months on end. Even now, she is still an incredibly powerful hero.

Lesley is a sniper. She can snipe thanks to her first skill which grants her the ability to be invisible for 3 seconds assuming no one attacks her. This also increases her movement speed allowing her to maneuver between lanes as needed.

What makes her so lethal is her critical. It is favorable for Lesley when the game time stretches because that’s where she really shines. She can one or two shot enemies once she is fully equipped. If by some miracle her opponent isn’t already dead, she can snipe them from afar.

4. Moskov

Moskov best marksman mobile legends

Moskov carries around a deadly spear that instills fear to the hearts of those who challenge him.

Moskov is an efficient minion clearer thanks to his spear attack that punctures straight through multiple enemies. He can also teleport as he wishes which allows him to do surprise attacks and daring escapes from enemies.

Moskov like Lesley is more effective during late game. Patience is needed when using this hero but rest assured, he will deliver on his promise.

3. Claude

Claude best marksman mobile legends

Claude may seem disappointing for the inexperienced but a ton of fun on the right hands.

Claude is a master of thievery, allowing him to steal 20% of speed within the fan-shaped area of his attack. This allows him and his monkey to do damage as much as possible. For his second skill, he can switch places with his monkey allowing for endless epic combos if used properly.

For the finale, he unleashes a series of barrage attack dealing continuous damage to enemies within the area.

2. Karrie

Karrie best marksman mobile legends

For some, Karrie is the best marksman in Mobile Legends. They’re not wrong.

Honestly, if there’s no ranking, she would at the same spot as the number one on this list (Kimmy). What makes Karrie such a beast is her fast attack speed and high damage. These two combined makes her go into ultra-instinct mode especially when her final skill is activated.

The only downside is her hp isn’t the highest but once you get past that, it gets exciting (only for you).

1. Kimmy

Kimmy best marksman mobile legends

Finally, the number one on our list, Kimmy is so overpowered that she is almost always banned.

What makes her so overpowered you ask? Well, she can poke enemies endlessly! She has a special attack control that provides unlimited annoyance to her enemies. But most importantly, she can move while shooting. If that’s not overpowered, we don’t know what is.

Because of that, she is truly the best marksman to buy in Mobile Legends.


That has been our list of the top 10 best marksmen in Mobile Legends. So, have you found the perfect marksman for you? If you did, comment down below which one/s is it?

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