Top 10 Tips How To Get Better Fortnite Mobile

how to get better fortnite mobile

You may be good at Fortnite but it’s a different story entirely when playing on mobile. 

To be fair, shooting games, in general, are best played in PCs because mouse and keyboards are perfectly designed for FPS games. A lot of players are good at playing Fortnite but when it comes to mobile, they have a hard time getting used to it.  

This is because phones, unlike computers, aren’t suitable for FPS games. Just aiming and turning feels like a chore especially for first time mobile gamers. So how come the pros look like they are playing on a computer on Fortnite mobile? 

Obviously, they are called professionals for their skills. But there are surprising ways that these players use to get good at the game aside from their skills. It also helps to have knowledge of Fortnite mobile beginner tips. 

So, if you’re ready to do the Victory Royale dance, here are the top 10 tips on how to get better in Fortnite Mobile.

10. Practice in the playground

Practive playground how to get better fortnite mobile

Back in the days, gaming was just well – gaming. Now, even just rank games may feel like a tournament. 

That’s because there are more gamers today than ever and in games such as Fortnite, it’s literally a battle of survival. 

So, the best way to come out on top is to practice like hell. Practice builds your muscle memory, familiarizes you to the game mechanics and ultimately makes you better. In order to get to this level though, you need to make analyze what works for you and what’s not.  

9. Customize your Hud

Customize hud how to get better fortnite mobile

Fortnite Mobile allows players to customize their Hud for the better gaming experience. Take advantage of this by experimenting setups and choosing one which suits your style. 

To learn more about this, read our guide on the Best Hud Setup Fortnite Mobile. In here, we listed down the different playing styles on mobile as well as the optimal settings to ensure convenience and victory. 

8. Watch out for rare items 

rare items legendary fortnite mobile how to get better tips

While it’s common sense to loot every item you see at the start of each game, there’s more to it. 

There are different classifications of items in Fortnite. It’s important to know this: 

  • Grey (Common)
  • Green (Uncommon)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Epic)
  • Yellow (Legendary)

It goes without saying that the rarer the item, the better. So, watch out for the rare items as you go along. To help with that, turn on ‘auto pickup’ which will make things so much easier. 

7. Adjust your touch sensitivities

Touch sensitivity settings may seem unimportant at first, it’s the key to a smooth mobile gaming experience.

Before starting a game or during practice games, change the default sensitivities to the image above. You can tweak it a bit more to match your preference and device. Note that the higher the sensitivity, the faster you can rotate your screen but harder to aim. So, the key is to find the balance in between. 

6. Peek at the map every 2 minutes

peek map how to get better fortnite mobile

When playing, it’s hard not to focus on just playing, right? Well, this is a newbie mistake. 

Games such as Fortnite requires you to have a map awareness. Map awareness means that you know what is happening around you without having to go everywhere. Your map should be your best friend. 

To make things easier, try to get into the habit of peeking at your map every 2 minutes. The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit and eventually, you will always be conscious of your surroundings. It sounds trivial but it many players get eliminated early because they don’t realize they blue ring is closing in fast. 

5. Land at populated places

land populated places how to get better fortnite mobile

Some may say that it’s best to land on areas that have little or no players to have all the loot for yourself. This is true but in order to get better, this is not the right strategy. 

The better approach would be to land in populated areas as much as possible. But the chances of getting killed is higher in this, right? Yes, but when you’re just starting out playing, this is actually more beneficial. 

This way, more opponents means more practice. More practice means you have the potential to get better faster than those always avoiding conflict. 

4. Crouch, strafe and shoot

crouch strafe shoot how to get better fortnite mobile

Aiming in mobile games is insanely hard especially for newbies. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that! 

Aside from adjusting the touch sensitivities as said in tip #7, you need to crouch and strafe when shooting. Strafing means to move sideways for your opponent not to get a clean shot. Then, you can crouch to significantly improve your accuracy when shooting. 

3. Watch out for Llamas

fortnite llamas loot how to get better fortnite mobile

If you’ve played Fortnite before on PC, you probably know that Llamas are gold gems. But if not, then you’re about to find out. 

Llamas are not just for decoration in Fortnite, they are considered as Easter eggs. Finding and killing one will give you a stack of loot. These items can just be the difference between victory and defeat. But finding one is not as easy as walking. They are scattered around the map each game. So, don’t make this your only priority, rather just keep it in mind.

2. Watch and learn

Watch and learn how to get better fortnite mobile

The best way to improve is to learn straight from the pros. You can do this by either spectating matches or watching streams or videos on YouTube.

When you get eliminated early in the game, don’t leave yet! Try to spectate the match and you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two. But if you’re really invested in this game, it’s best to follow the top Fornite YouTubers and streamers as they put a lot of content daily which you can learn and imitate.

Some of the most popular pros are Ninja, FaZe TFue, and Daequan. 

1. Don’t use auto-aim

dont use auto aim how to get better fortnite mobile

The most important tip of all, don’t auto aim! 

No matter how tempting it is to turn on the auto-aim feature in Fortnite mobile, don’t do it. Manual aiming comes with a lot of advantages in the long run. By aiming manually, you are practicing your senses and memory muscle. It’s almost impossible to increase your accuracy relying on auto-aim all the time.

Besides, auto-aim does not provide a 100% accuracy. In most cases especially in long-distance combat, they are just a nuisance. 


Those are our Top 10 Tips on Fortnite Mobile for How to Get Better. These Fortnite mobile tips in 2019 are what you need if you’re new to the game. The rest is up to you!  

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