The Best Ways to Get Emeralds Minecraft

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There is a fairly decent amount of effective ways to acquire Emeralds Minecraft as fast as possible for your trading needs, simply because villagers do demand a considerable amount of Emeralds to trade with.

This article will guide and inform you on the best possible options to acquire Emeralds.

Trading items for Emeralds

To start with let’s get down to trading certain items for Emeralds.

Most Villager types will trade the wanted item for 1 Emerald, this is a great way to make use of this opportunity as, a Farmer Villager would trade 20 Wheat for 1 Emerald, quite pricey, isn’t it? But still, a great investment if you have a big enough wheat farm to serve that purpose.

Aside from wheat, we shall mention here the specific items that you could trade for Emeralds with the specific type of villagers and what items are easy to get in big amounts to trade for the small number of Emeralds with little effort.

1. Farmer Villager

Trading farm resources for Emeralds with the Farmer Villager gives you the best profitable amounts you can get from trading compared to the rest of the villager types due to the multiple options available and ease of getting the resources to trade.

Building a farm is not hard at all and you’ll most likely be having a decent-sized farm in your world to gather enough amounts to trade.

Here are the items you can trade for 1 Emerald.

trading farming villager minecraft best way to get emeralds

• 20 Wheat for 1 Emerald
• 6 Pumpkins for 1 Emerald
• 15 Beetroot for 1 Emerald
• 22 Carrots for 1 Emerald
• 26 potatoes for 1 Emerald

As you can see in the list, Wheat and Pumpkins are most likely the viable option, being a reasonable investment for a nice sum of Emeralds.

2. Librarian / Cartographer

Librarians and Cartographers both have 1 trade that is the same and that is Paper.

Paper is a great investment towards trading for Emeralds due to the nature of producing them that comes easily from growing Sugarcanes.

You only need 24 papers to trade for 1 Emerald.

librarian cartography villager trading minecraft best way to get emeralds

3. Butcher

Trading with a Butcher for Emeralds is another alternative when having a sized Animal farm with Animals that drop these specific items mentioned below.

It’s a nice alternative as Animal farming doesn’t demand a lot of effort, plus you can trade different kinds of raw meats for 1 Emerald.

• 14 Raw Chickens for 1 Emerald
• 7 Raw Porkchops for 1 Emerald
• 4 Raw Rabbits for 1 Emerald
• 7 Raw Muttons for 1 Emerald
• 10 Raw Beef for 1 Emerald

4. Mason

A Mason would be the last best choice to consider trading items for Emeralds with, because you can trade 20 Stones for 1 Emerald, and we all know Cobblestones would be the number 1 thing filling up your chest so, this would be a great way to get rid of them.

However, since it’s Stone, we do need to make the Cobblestone into Stone so, there will be quite a lot of coal to consider investing.

Natural Generation of Emeralds & Ore

If you didn’t know, a nice amount of Emeralds usually generates or spawns around specific landmarks in Minecraft, whether it’d be a shipwreck or a Village.

You’ll most likely find 2 or 5 Emeralds lying around in a naturally generated chest.

An alternative to finding Emeralds when exploring your survival world.

Referencing from the Minecraft wiki, we shall mention a few best areas where you will find Emeralds.

1. Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are quite easy to find especially when you spawn into a world with a nearby ocean or an island surrounded by ocean.

Shipwrecks spawn commonly in an ocean biome and you will most likely stumble upon one the moment you get into the water.

Shipwrecks contain 2 chests, and there is a 70% chance that you’ll find 1 to 5 emeralds per each Shipwreck.

However, keep in mind that even if it does say 70%, finding Emeralds in Shipwrecks is not that common but not rare either, so it’s normal if the couple of Shipwrecks you come across have no Emeralds.

2. Buried Treasure Chest

Since this is the only place left where you can find a nice amount of Emeralds generated in the chest, it isn’t that effective to gather a lot of Emeralds at once.

Due to the nature of how Buried Treasures and Treasure maps work in the game.

You’ll most likely come across the same Treasure chest you dug up, if the different treasures map you gotten are from nearby Shipwrecks, but other than that, there is a 50% chance you can collect up to 4 to 8 Emeralds from a treasure chest, so it is a win-win.

3. Village Chest

Finding Villages isn’t that common nor it is that rare.

If you ever do, going to the specified chests will hopefully give you a nice amount of Emeralds.

The best thing is, that you’re in a village already, so trading is seconds away after collecting all the available Emeralds in the area — assuming there are Emeralds.

• 31% of Village Armorer chests

• 25% of Village Temple chests

• 24% of Village Fisherman chests

• 20% of Village Mason chests

• 12% of Village Fletcher chests

Emerald Ores spawns and locations:

The natural generation of Emerald Ore is only found in the Extreme Hills or Mountains biome, so when you are wanting to mine for Emeralds, you must find the Extreme Hills or Mountains biome first.

There are 0 to 2 emerald ores generated per chunk, so keep that in mind as well when mining.

Mining Emeralds

This is something you probably know but if you didn’t.

There is no easy way to mine Emeralds, just like diamonds finding them is somewhat the same, being generated on the Y coordinates of 5-30 but are commonly found around level 29.

Since you only get 1 Emerald from mining 1 ore, it is highly recommended to use a Fortune enchantment on your Diamond pickaxe as you will acquire an extra Emerald depending on the Level of what your Fortune enchantment is, so using a Fortune level 3 will drop you 4 Emeralds in total when mining 1 Emerald ore.

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