7 Tips on How to Get Better at Wild Rift League of Legends

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Wondering on How to Get Better at Wild Rift? Don’t worry, League of Legends has always been a popular MOBA game and it’s quite amazing how they ended up making a Mobile version of the game called Wild Rift. A lot of players from Mobile Legends, Dota 2, and the PC version of League of Legends have come to Wild Rift to try it out on their Phones.

How to Get Better at Wild Rift

Let’s be honest; you’re getting left behind by experienced players entering the game, and you’re standing alone, still trying to learn how to play. Don’t worry; this guide has you covered, teaching you the basics of improving in Wild Rift League of Legends.

Find and master a beginner-friendly champion 

There are tons of Champions in League of Legends, and champions for beginners in League of Legends are quite many in choices you can decide on for all the Team roles League of Legends has to offer. For a beginner or an amateur aspiring to improve, choosing to master an easy-to-use Champion is the best option. It allows learning how League of Legends works overall without worrying about the complexity of the Champion and other distracting elements that may hinder performance. Once you get used to League of Legends, you can progress to harder Champions.

How to get Better at Wild Rift: Three Beginner-friendly Champions  

  • Ashe

Compared to Jinx being the icon of Wild Rift Jinx is also a great alternative starter ADC than Ashe when starting as an ADC, but Ashe is also a popular ADC champion of choice simply because she has a very helpful kit. Her skills are made up of gaining temporary area vision, a lot of CC skills, and pure damage. She is strong, she is deadly and if you get her fed with gold to buy a solid stacked item build, or even near it, she’s scary.

  • Garen

    if you’re wanting to get into the Top Lane, Tank Role in Wild Rift, then Garen is a great starter champion because he doesn’t require a lot of focus. He does not use Mana that beginners don’t need to care about maintaining mana usage, his abilities aren’t complex and just simply straight-forward to damage deal while his item builds are adaptable to either a pure solid defensive Tank or hybrid DPS tank. A safe choice for a beginner wanting to do a Tank Role champion.

  • Master Yi

Master Yi is another old champion that has been around for quite a while and remains as an awesome starting character for many beginners. If you’re into Jungling, then Master Yi is a great choice to start with as his skills are also straightforward and don’t require much thought, he is a juggernaut of League of Legends and he can perform well when you want to Gank lanes, or steal the enemy Jungler’s buffs.

Practice last-hitting Creeps for More Gold 

Wild Rift has a unique feature similar to its PC counterpart, and that is Last-hitting, meaning that whoever kills the enemy creep will have the entirety of its Gold. In MOBA mobile games like Mobile Legends, where you don’t have to kill the enemy creep to earn Gold, it is automatically brought to you, making last-hitting uncommon.

Wild Rift however has this feature and this is what makes Wild Rift relatively harder and longer in matches because gold farming kind of matters now when you need to win in Wild Rift and have the upper hand against your enemies in item builds.

Pay attention to the Mini-map 

Not a lot of people pay attention to the Minimap, especially in the low-rank divisions, but this is the reason why the mini-map is vital to your survival and success towards teamwork is obviously because enemies can gank you without you knowing, move around your forest or when your teammates need help, you will see it.

Especially when your teammate Jungler or Support wards your lane and nearby areas, paying attention to the mini-map for a possible enemy Gank is crucial and something you should have a habit of checking the mini-map now and then or at least have it in your peripheral vision. Especially if you’re a support like Soraka whose ultimate skill will heal everyone upon activation, so pay attention to your Mini-map and see if your teammates are in battle and losing, you have a heal and are aware to help out at all times.

Always Ward 

This is usually the Job of the Jungler or Support role, but it’s also within good habit for you to Ward consistently if you aren’t one of the two roles as well because Warding will always give you the advantage in-game awareness, and it’s not always certain especially if you’re soloing that the Jungler or Support would ward themselves.

It serves as an anti-flank mechanism which you can also ward the dragon, baron, Blue Sentinel, and Red Brambleback, important locations where you don’t want the enemy to have their hands on and you can go contest if they are trying to steal it.

Stop going Alone 

Usually, it’s the Job of the Top Lane or Jungler to adventure into the enemy Forest Alone, although, if you’re a “paper” ADC that can’t fight alone or support with no damage output, it’s risky. In higher-rank league of Legends, teams go into the forest in groups, they push lanes in groups, and it would be a bad experience if you collide with an enemy squad alone without anyone to help you when ambushed.

Keep playing and Practice

At the end of the day, League of Legends is a video game that requires consistent playing to get better at it, learn the Meta, learn the common tactics of your enemies, and it will become a habit sooner or later. Learn multiple heroes, their weaknesses and strengths. Learning and playing the game will get you better quickly enough.

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