Decorative blocks are blocks in Minecraft that makes every map looks more immersive and real.

10 buildings in Minecraft that will surprise you

These are the blocks that give a little bit of fun in any Minecraft world.

One of the decorative blocks that exist in the game is the music discs.

These discs exist to simply change the music of the game using Jukebox.

Although its purpose is simple, these items are hard to find and not craftable.

If music is considered as a luxury instead of a component of survival in the real world, the same thing is the same in Minecraft.

The quest is optional but highly recommended.

Ways To Get Minecraft Discs In-Game Without Cheats

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Music discs can be found via natural generation on chests in dungeons and woodland mansion structures.

In the Bedrock edition, you can find music discs in buried treasures.

But since these are all places that are hard to find or are far enough (woodland mansion can spawn more than 10,000 blocks away from the player’s spawn point), the easiest way to get your hands on a music disc is to make a Skeleton kill a Creeper.

To get a music disc from the Skeleton-Creeper method, there are three conditions to fulfill.

First, both the Skeleton and the Creeper should stand still when in a controlled environment (this is for farms and can be done with boats.)

The second requirement is that the skeleton must be trying to hit you.

And the third requirement is that the skeleton might not be near the creeper.

All requirements are risky (how would you get a creeper in a boat?).

Overall, you can get 12 music discs in the game, all with different center colors and designs.

Discs that are found in the Java edition is also the one that can be found in the Bedrock version.

There are two discs that are omitted (music disc 11 and 13) because these discs contain tracks that are not realy music or not melodic.

Here are the ten best music discs to collect in Minecraft.

10 Most Interesting Music Disc In Minecraft

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10. Mall

C418 – Mall is a disc with purple highlights that features calming music from drums loops and soft piano and bass synths.

It has a casual and relaxing vibe into it, a great background if you’re doing menial tasks in Minecraft like farming or building your base.

This piece of music is more than three minutes long, but it will be looped in the game.

A YouTube user named Plantingseed offical_Yt used this disc in this mall inside his server.

9. Mellohi

C418 – Mellohi is a music disc with an “ender” theme in appearance.

Its more of a waltz because of its 3/4 time signature.

With more than a minute of this beat, the music is accompanied by a melancholic vibe.

It’s almost a tune that you would hear in movies like “Corpse Bride” by Tim Burton.

If you’re planning to build a dance hall-themed building, you might want to consider putting this disc in the jukebox.

8. Chirp

C418-Chirp has a very retro vibe, something that might remind you of the 60s or 70s bosa nova music.

It is complete with synth riffs that scream “oldies”. It almost feels like you’re playing something in a turntable paired with an ancient speaker.

The tune changes in the first half, with the second half getting modern vibes.

7. Ward

C418 – Ward os a music disc characterized by its green and yellow highlights.

Although this track starts with bits from Chopin’s “Funeral March”, this track is an upbeat song that emphasizes electronic beats.

The song has an “adventurous” vibe, which makes listening to this song on the bus ride a pleasant activity.

If you’ve been playing during the early times of Minecraft, you might’ve encountered this as a song from Herobrine’s Mansion.

6. Stal

C418 – Stal is characterized by a disc with black highlights.

This track is a jazz-like piece, with piano, bass, and saxophone as the main component.

Stal is sometimes used as the music for some Minecraft videos, compilations, and more.

Notably, this track is the one used by YouTuber Grandayy when he made his video called “Water Sheep gets Revenge on PewDiePie”, which is a tribute to the Swedish YouTuber’s Minecraft series.

5. Strad

C418 – Strad is a three-minute synth track housed in a disc with white outlines.

It has a relaxing and soothing vibe which actually helps you focus on what you’re doing in the game.

A lot of people describe this tune as “tropical” and would love to hear this as a part of a tropical-related Minecraft update.

4. Far

Another relaxing tune, C418 – Far is one of the most popular discs in Minecraft.

It is characterized by a disc with light green highlights. People like to listen to this track when they’re homesick or when they’re missing someone.

Other players, especially those who have been playing the game since its inception, are usually struct with nostalgia when listening to this piece.

3. Cat


C418 – Cat is another green disc that offers an upbeat tone and a vibe that can only be described by “hopeful adventure.”


A lot of Minecraft veterans also remember their childhoods when listening to this song.

With a peaceful and happy vibe, it is one of the most liked music discs in Minecraft.

In the Legacy Console Edition, the same disc actually plays a different tune, which is titled “dog”.

2. Blocks

Most of Minecraft music discs features synths and beats to create a catchy and relaxing track, and C418 – Block is the best.

The disc is recognized by its red highlights and its almost six minutes song duration.

If you like an upbeat melody with a great retro vibe, this one is for you.

1. Wait (Where Are We Now)

C418 – Wait, which is a disc that features blue highlights, is believed to be one of the earliest music discs in the game, first appearing in as early as the 1.4.3 pre-release.

Before being known as “Wait”, the disc is known as “Where are we now”.

Known for being catchy and relaxing, the tune is known for its “blocky” feel, which perfectly represents the blocky world of Minecraft.