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In 2018, PUBG Mobile caught up with Fortnite with the number of players worldwide. They both saw 200 million users with 30 million daily active users. That alone is a great achievement considering those are just the numbers for the mobile version of PUBG!

It’s 2019 and the numbers may have changed for the better or worse but we can’t deny the fact is PUBG mobile is still relevant. It’s the first choice for players who aren’t drawn in with the cartoony features and hard mechanics of Fortnite. That said, PUBG is still competitive especially when you only know how to pick up guns and some items. But in this article, we’re going to change all that. We’ve rounded up the top 10 best attachments for PUBG mobile as well as some guides as to which guns to use it for.

10. Choke

Shotguns maybe 100 times more powerful than normal guns; they are hard to use for the inexperienced. Even harder for those who don’t know which attachments to get and what they do.

A Choke increases the speed of the shot while reducing the spread of it. A Shotgun is best used for short and midrange fights so having a Choke will work to your advantage.

9. Extended Quickdraw Magazine

Designated Marksman Rifles or DMRs are great for getting those headshots at medium range. Think of them as a hybrid of Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles, deadly right?

Picking an Extended Quickdraw Magazine increases your weapon’s magazine size and remarkably reduces reload time. This means more time for headshots and less time for the dreadfully slow reload speed.

8. 6x/8x/15x Scope

For those genuine campers who believe in Sniper Rifles, these attachments are your best friends.

Ideally, any of these three attachments is a great find. They can help you eliminate other players without even knowing what hit them. These attachments increase the magnification of your sniper rifle thus allowing you to increase your accuracy and range. In a survival game such as PUBG, in some cases, it’s more advantageous to fight as far away as possible. These attachments may be hard to find, but they’re worth it!

7. Quiver

The Crossbow may not be as popular as say the Scar-L or AWM, but they offer unique advantages. The Quiver can only be used for the Crossbow and it reduces the reload time thereby allowing you to annihilate enemies more effectively.

Everybody knows that Crossbows offer less than the other weapons but once you have a Quiver, it becomes a different story.

6. Half Grip

Probably the most popular weapons in PUBG, Assault Rifles are the perfect weapon of destruction. What’s even more dangerous than a GROZA? A GROZA with a Half Grip of course! Equipping your Assault rifle with a Half Grip reduces horizontal and vertical recoil as well as lessens recoil recovery time. This deadly combination makes it easier for you to spring right back to action after every shot at any distance.

5. Suppressor


Another must-have attachment for Assault Rifles is the Suppressor. Suppressors can be the meaning between life and death in a situation that requires covert skills. Suppressors reduce the sound of gunshots allowing you to assassinate enemies without alerting their teammates or nearby players of your location.

It also slightly reduces recoil which allows you to keep firing without any hassle.

4. Extended Mag

Adding to the last two attachments, an Extended Mag helps to keep you in the fight longer. In most cases, an Extended Mag is more useful than a Quickdraw Mag which simply reduces the reload speed. Bullets are a commodity in PUBG so having an extra mag might just save you from a tricky situation.

Simply put, this is one of the best attachments in PUBG. A necessity if you want to survive longer and get the “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!”.

3. Red Dot Sight

A must-have and an all-around attachment, the Red Dot Sight is often underappreciated.

The Red Dot is compatible with Assault Rifles submachine guns and pistols. Aside from the holographic red dot that helps with your aim, it also increases the ADS speed which is the time it takes to aim down your opponents.

The Red Dot Sight attachment can easily be found and most weapons you’re going to pick are compatible with it. What’s not to love about it?

2. Uzi Stock

Uzi players love to always be the center of attraction and action. Because they are in constant danger, they need a stabilizer to make things easier.

An Uzi Stock improves the stability of a Uzi as well as reduces its recoil. For a weapon as wild as the Uzi, this attachment works great!

Although this makes the Uzi stable, it’s not invincible. Any gunfight greater than 15-20 meters in range will be disadvantageous for the Uzi user since the gun is for short-range only.

1. Compensator

Compensators are highly compatible with Assault and Submachine guns.

Compensators reduce the recoil pattern, vertical recoil, vertical recoil, and spread base. This makes it an overall great pick since your gunshots become more stable especially when continuously fired which is a habit for most players.

In PUBG mobile where the aim is much harder, a compensator does wonders for your gun. Make sure to prioritize this attachment as early as possible because nothing’s worse than an unstable gun.


Those are our top 10 best attachments in PUBG mobile. If you’re ever in a pinch, always refer to our PUBG mobile attachments guide for a quick and easy fix.

Also, if you want to have more accuracy and screen space, it might be best to play on a computer.

You’ll need an emulator for that. Check out our top 7 best emulators for PUBG mobile guide!
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