Top 10 Best Villager Trades Minecraft

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The best thing about trading with Villagers is that we can get certain types of items that probably take quite the effort to get if we do it manually, so trading via Villagers for the items you want is a convenient way to get the items you need especially if you have a nice working Villager trading area.

Villagers have some great beneficial trade deals for wanting to trade some high valued item to a certain amount of Emeralds.



This Article shall give you the best Villager trade deals you can get out of certain Villagers in Minecraft.

10. Trading 4 Emeralds for 1 Slime ball

If you’re an enthusiast in Redstone machinery, or need Lead for your Animals and if you have a Wandering Trader in your area, Slime balls is a great option to choose when the Wandering Trader appears.

Since sticky pistons are mostly used in various of Redstone creations, and Slime balls are needed to craft Lead for your Horse, that is a good trade to do.



So, you won’t go out of your way trying to find a Slime mob spawn in your Minecraft world.

9. Trading Emerald for 15+ Arrows

Having a stable source of Arrows isn’t easy, as you would need to craft them, even if you may have a skeleton dungeon, chicken farm, and many flints.

You can’t disagree that 1 emerald for 15+ arrows is profit, and less time consuming.

You can get them from fletcher villager.



8. Trading 5+ Emeralds for a Saddle

Saddles are hard to find, due to the fact that you either need to find a spawned chest like in a Mineshaft or by fishing a saddle out in the water.

Though, saddles will come at ease later the more you explore, you’d probably feel tempted to tame a Horse early on in the game when you spawn into your new world.

So, finding a Leatherworker, or Villager to make him into a leatherworker to trade is one of the ways to get Saddles quicker so you could get started riding a horse.

Plus, it’s a more convenient way to get saddles even later on in the game.



7. Trading 10+ Emeralds for Ocean Explorer Maps

Ocean Monuments are wonderful underwater structures in the Deep-Sea Biomes though not rare but still hard to find depending on where you are.

The Map to the location of these Ocean Monuments are with the Cartographer and can be traded for 10+ Emeralds.

6. Trading 10+ Emeralds for Woodlands Mansion Map

Woodland Mansions is a rare place found in the Dark Forest Biome, which is rare to find.

This is the quickest way in trying to get the exact location of the Woodland Mansion by trading Emeralds to the Cartographer for the Woodland Mansion Map.

5. Trading Number of Emeralds for Enchanted Diamond Armor

All you need is a Armorer Villager for this, as it is a great way in getting Enchanted Diamond Armor during midgame when you don’t have diamonds yet nor big levels of EXP as it is honestly a scarce resource when you are still starting out or even when you want to have Diamond armor later on and you feel stingy on your Diamonds.

As long as you have a nice amount of Emeralds which you get by trading, then you can see yourself having a nice profitable way of getting a full set of Enchanted Diamond gear constantly when needed.

4. Trading 3 Emeralds for 1 Bottle O’ Enchanting

By going to the Cleric Villager, you can trade 3 Emeralds for 1 Bottle O’ Enchanting (Experience bottle).

By leveling up the Cleric to the max profession level, you will soon have the option to trade for the Experience bottle, which is a great way to get EXP if you do not have any other sources to get constant EXP.

3 Emeralds may seem a lot just for 1 but really isn’t when you have a stable flow of getting Emeralds from doing other trades.

3. Trading Number of Emeralds & 1 Book for 1 Silk Touch Enchanted Book

Trading Silk touch is a great deal to come across on with a Librarian, as it is considered a rare enchantment just like Mending, meaning that acquiring it from the Enchantment table would need luck, not any different to the Villager, but, the chances of getting an enchantment trades like Silk touch book on a Librarian is most likely to happen, increasing the probability of getting silk touch, if you have a nice Villager Trader area going in your Minecraft world.

2. Trading Number of Emeralds & 1 Book for 1 Mending Enchanted Book

Depending on your luck, you can hopefully have a Librarian Villager to trade Emeralds for a Mending Book, some players would go this route to acquire a Mending Book due to the enchantment table being EXP demanding which makes it an ineffective way to get the Mending enchant due to the rarity of getting it.

Having the opportunity to trade for a Mending Book with a Librarian isn’t that rare, but still would likely take time to get the trade deal to appear, but it’s not costly at all if you constantly breed Villagers and make them Librarians.

It’s better to go for the Villager than using a lot of EXP on an Enchantment table or trying to fish one out of the sea.

1. Trading Wheat for Emeralds via Villager Farmer

This is one of the most effective ways you can possibly do in trading for quick and easy Emeralds.

Simply because Hay Bale is mostly found in any Village, and there is a great sum of them that pile around in the vicinity, thus breaking down the Hay Bale gives you a nice amount of Wheat to trade for Emeralds.

In a way, you’re simply using the Villagers Wheat stocks to trade for their Emeralds which you’re not losing out in anything.

Of course, Wheat isn’t the only item to trade for Emeralds as you can trade other items like Carrot, Potatoes, Coal, etc., but most of the time, Wheat is the easy and least demanding item to trade for Emeralds compared to the rest.

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