Best Insect Glaives in Monster Hunter World


Monster Hunter World is a vast game with tons of features to explore.

It is not uncommon for a hunter with hundreds of hours of gameplay to realize a new content that is being missed, and usually it is a weapon type that is being ignored.

This game has 14 different types of weapons, and each have its own strength and weaknesses.

Mastering each of these weapons will take hundreds, if not, thousands of hours.

So what sort of hunter are you?

If you are someone who loves to leap high and stay most of the time mid-air like a shaolin master, then definitely Insect Glaive is the weapon that you will love.

So sit tight and continue reading as we unveil the best Insect Glaives in Monster Hunter World.

10. Taroth Glaive Sleep

The first Insect Glaive on our list is a status ailment type of glaive.

This IG is capable of making your target sleep a couple of times per run, and you can nuke a wake up attack using bombs.

There’s no good nuke attack for this weapon, but since you can hit the monster a couple of times more than other weapon variants, then you will be guaranteed to make the monster sleep a couple of times more than most weapon types – making this IG a part of our list.

Most weapons with sleep status can make the monster sleep 2 to 3 times in the entire hunt duration, but this IG can do more!

9. Kjarr Glaive Paralysis

Without a doubt the best status ailment Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter World.

This insect glaive is capable of paralyzing a target as much as how many times a Taroth Glaive Sleep could make a monster sleep.

However, Paralysis status ailment is a better choice for Insect Glaive users since this weapon hits considerably a lot more combos than other weapons.

This will enable you to deal more damage flawlessly and without interruptions.

This weapon literally would make any monster like a practice dummy, because they’d be unable to move a lot of times during a hunt!

8. Kjarr Glaive Crusher

The next glaive on our list will require efficient hitting, thereby not much recommended for beginners of this weapon.

Kjarr Glaive Crusher is also a status ailment Insect Glaive, but it uses blast that could build up on monster to deliver powerful explosive attacks.

Not many weapons are good with blast ailments, but since the Insect Glaive is fast and would enable the hunter to hit multiple times mid-air uninterrupted, a blast build would be a good fit for this weapon – hence, the best blast IG would be the Kjarr Glaive Crusher.

7. Kjarr Glaive King

May not be the strongest fire IG in terms of the DPS, but it is not really far from the potential stronger variant.

What makes this fire glaive a lot better though is that this will enable you to add quite a number of survival skills into your build, making this very handy for the average users.

How would you like using a weapon which is very-slightly weaker than the strongest variant but would grant you great survival skills to survive against strong monsters?

6. Kjarr Glaive Spark

This thunder element Insect Glaive will simply shatter any monster you hunt that is weak against thunder element.

The Kjarr weapons are known for having elemental crit up, and since Insect Glaives rely on elemental attacks most of the time, this makes the Kjarr Glaive Spark a weapon of choice when hunting monsters weak to thunder.

Another perk of this Insect Glaive is that its kinsect boosts the hunter’s speed, making you even faster than you already are.

5. Kjarr Glaive Water

Behemoth’s nightmare if the hunter is an absolute Insect Glaive expert.

The Behemoth is the strongest monster in Monster Hunter World, and it has two weaknesses; dragon, and water.

Behemoth is only weak against water when the weapon hits its face, so using this Insect Glaive against Behemoth would require the hunter to efficiently hit its face.

If done right, you will inflict chunk of damage against this monster since the IG itself is also complimented with Element Boost on top of its Critical Element skill.

Of course, this Insect Glaive can also be used against other monsters weak to water such as Teostra, Lavasioth, Anajanath, and etc.

4. Kjarr Glaive Ice

The Insect Glaive weapon of choice against Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth phase 4 mode.

This will not simply make you hit Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth’s horn easily while in mid-air, but this will ensure a good pound of DPS not just by you but as well as your teammates.

Using an Insect Glaive will almost certainly ensure a mount, and this is very vital during phase 4 hunt of Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth.

Well, DPS-wise this Insect Glaive also have the Element Boost kinsect perk on top of its Critical Element skill.

And what’s more? It has white sharpness by default!

3. Kjarr Glaive Decay

The second strongest anti-dragon Insect Glaive, and it is recommended if you want an optimum build for both survival and DPS.

This glaive of course have the Critical Element perk as well, and with white sharpness too! But what makes this IG standout is its high Dragon Element value of 360.

As said earlier, the Insect Glaive relies mostly on elemental damage, and this weapon with 360 element value will make your hunts a lot faster than you would expect it.

2. Grunge Storm

Another Insect Glaive with dragon element on our list, but this has more raw attack than dragon elemental attack.

Damage-wise, this is actually comparable to the Kjarr Glaive Decay, but this has a negative affinity making this a bit difficult to optimize with builds.

What’s great though is that it has 2 augment slots which will make you compensate the affinity loss more easily, and this weapon can easily be farmed since you can basically just purchase this from smithy using Deviljho materials.

1. Tyrannis Glaive II

The best all-around Insect Glaive, and you can literally use this against any monster except only Kulve Taroth.

This weapon is built for the DPS lovers, since the weapon has a negative affinity of -30%, making you sacrifice potential survival skills to compensate for the critical rate lost.

The element of this weapon is locked, but you don’t need to unlock it. Instead, you can include an Elementless jewel on your build to further boost its raw attack damage.

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